Central Valley Carménère

Concha y Toro

Reserva Casillero del Diablo Carménère 2015

Leather and tar and deep earthyness, churned earth, churned soil, wood, Forresty aromatics. Juicy and woodsy on the palate. Super savory. — 5 days ago

Clos Andino

Les Terroirs Peumo Le Carménère

Drank the 2014 at Hotel Singular in Lastarria, Santiago 17 May 2018 — 6 days ago

Casas del Bosque

Reserva Rapel Valley Carménère

Excellent carmenere and a steal at $16. — 7 days ago

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Punti Ferrer

Reserva Carménère 2015

Mark Pagliaro

Black fruit Spicy Peppercorns. — 7 days ago

The Long Way Round

Reserve Valle Central Carmenère 2016

From Virgin Wines. It's good, just not amazing. Better the second night, wasn't that good upon opening. — 3 days ago

Bev GriffithsPete Smith
with Bev and Pete

Viu Manent

Gran Reserva Valle de Colchagua Carménère 2014

Green peeper tootsie roll - the nose carries into the flavour. After all, what is your taste without your olfactory?

Green pepper, medium to heavy bodied, velvety fruits, dried grapes, pressed into juice.

Well integrated tannins, with just a touch of mineral like acidity.

As we leave for South America tomorrow, celebrating with a wine we brought back from Chile 2 years ago, after trekking through Patagonia. Love South American wines. The best bang for the buck, and so many hidden treasures.
— a month ago

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Cheers! 🍷Safe travels! We have dear friends from Chile. They encouraged us to try their wines as well as Argentine wines.

Château Los Boldos

Reserva Momentos Carménère 2016

Esse vinho foi saboreado em momentos mágicos e revelaram o prazer da experiência e a celebração da vida - complexa, elegante e única; precioso céu aqui na Terra. — 18 days ago

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De Martino

Estate Reserva Carménère 2016

Agricultura sustentável e técnicas viníferas tradicionais conferem ao vinho grande pureza, sentido de lugar e equilíbrio.

O cultivo é feito no antigo leito do rio Maipo, cujo trajeto fora alterado há mais de um século por terremotos, o que confere solo fértil à excelência.

Às vezes mal dizemos eventos que determinam justamente ao que há de mais elevado em nós.

Desfrute cada mergulho em Si.
— 18 days ago

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Viña Ventisquero

Gran Reserve Queulat Valle del Maipo Carménère 2015

Impressive wine - loads of smoke and spice - nice balance and acidity — 12 days ago


Primus Colchagua Valley Carmenere 2016

David T

On the nose; ripe, ruby, dark currants. Blackberries, black raspberries, black plum, plum and blue fruit hues. Sweet dark, rich soil and tarry notes, black licorice, some pepper, light herbaceous notes, spice and dark fresh lavender and violets.

The body is medium full. The tannins are firm, sticky and a touch meaty. Dark currants, blackberries, black raspberries, black plum, dark cherries with strawberries haunting in and out on the palate. Dark rich soils, sweet tarry notes, black licorice, medium dark spice, cinnamon, clove, cinnamon, vanilla, soft leather, touch of herbaceousiness, tobacco leaf, crushed dry rocks, loamy dry soils, dark fresh red florals with violets. Round beautiful acidity and a rich, elegant, polished finish.

Photos of; a beautiful shot of the coastal range, road sign with the latitude location of their vina, my wife’s Hollywood pose after she has done two Viña tastings and the sheep animals in their lobby.
— a month ago

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