Central Valley Carménère

Las Casas de Vaqueria

Coral A18 Reserva Carménère 2017

Very nice carmenere, balanced with a moderate amount of tannin on the finish. Black berry fruits are prominent. Enjoy with “Bringing Up Baby.” Cary Grant and Catherine Hepburn would drink this during weekday dinner. — 9 days ago


Armador Carménère

Wonderful earthy aroma. Smooth and (subtly) spicy. — 9 days ago

Viña Misiones de Rengo

Reserva Central Valley Carménère 2017

Accords mets et vin Carmenère-Asado de lomo de veau pour notre premier réveillon chilien! — 20 days ago


Curico Valley Carménère 2015

I love the Carmenère grape. Nice and silky smooth with notes of blackberry and blueberry. Slightly tannic but has gotten better since I opened it. — 21 days ago

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Viña Tarapacá

Gran Reserva Valle del Maipo Carménère 2015

Nice wine, medium body. A bit strong upfront, earthy tones, black fruit, a bit of spice at the end. Well balanced though with little bit of oak and good tannins. — 17 days ago

Viña Tarapacá

Reserva Maipo Valley Carménère 2015

Beautiful carmenere. Most enjoyable Tarapaca lately. — 17 days ago

Concha y Toro

Reserva Casillero del Diablo Carménère 2016

smooth, medium body wine with cherry hints bought in La Condesa, La Ciudad de México — 2 days ago


Gran Reserva Valle del Maule Carménère

Really delicious and velvety carmenere. Leather and smoke on the nose. Blue/black fruit on the palate without the sweetness. Nice structure and balance, and with just a touch of acidity to make it very gulpable. Dry and tannic and lovely — 14 days ago


Gran Reserva Envero Apalta Vineyard Selection Carménère 2010

Un poco ácido, muy bueno con enchiladas verdes — 16 days ago