Pietra Marina Etna Bianco Superiore Carricante 2007

Rick K

Orange oil, white flower and white truffle nose. Still vibrant. Orange, almond skin, with a long pleasantly saline and slightly bitter finish. First time trying this one and I really like it. — 8 days ago

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Rick K

Rick K

Sounds good @Larry Frierson We should do an Etna/Southern Italian wine dinner. I've been enjoying both the reds and whites lately.
Larry Frierson

Larry Frierson

Yes. Have you had Terre Nere pre-phylloxera red?
Rick K

Rick K

Wow @Larry Frierson , that's funny. I opened a bottle of 2008 Terre Nere Santo Spirito last night! Haven't posted it yet because I wanted to see how it developed over night.

I Vigneri

Aurora Carricante 2017

Rick K

Very pale yellow. Honeydew, tarragon and lemon zest. Crisp, simple and satisfying. — a month ago

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Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer Premium Badge

Was at the winery about 3 weeks ago. They “get” Carricante like no one else. Try their Vigna di Milo if you can find it.
Rick K

Rick K

Thanks @Michael Meyer I will look for it!

Girolamo Russo

Nerina Etna Bianco Carricante Blend 2017

A great Etna producer. This Bianco is crisp, with loads of mineral, sea salt, and green apple (the small Sicilian variety). — a month ago

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Tenuta delle Terre Nere

Cuvée della Vigne Niche Calderara Sottana Etna Bianco Carricante 2016

Mix of beautiful yellow flower, green/underripe tropical fruits, anise-laden herbs and distinctive minerality. Palate shows its barrel upbringing, adding flesh and richness. You could argue it’s too much, but I think the earth, salty zippy, and herbal notes carry through enough to bring it all together. Underripe pineapple, green papaya, yellow plum, yellow flowers, green almond, fennel fronds, wormwood, salt, crushed rock, malo (?), tea leaves. A serious effort that pays off IMO — 10 days ago

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Etna Bianco Carricante Catarratto 2017

I love to share this wine with friends. It expresses the place of beauty that it comes from. Mt. Etna Sicily — 10 days ago

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P A Premium Badge

@Stuart Scheff Stuart Good one Cheers 🍷

Gambino Vini

Tifeo Etna Bianco Carricante Catarratto 2017

Nice and dry. Good flavor. Pale salmon color vs. rosy colored. A bit of zest but not too fruity — a month ago


Etna Bianco Carricante 2018

Serious potential. Tasting at room temperature revealing virtually no flaws. Mineral tension pushed forward and lingering well through the finish. More than enough fruit to balance the mid palate. — 4 hours ago

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Tenuta delle Terre Nere

Le Vigne Niche Calderara Sottana Etna Bianco Carricante

Beautifully aromatic with great ripeness and lots of intensity. Big extraction, just the right amount of roundness and flesh for me to balance the electric mineral zip. Simply one of the great white wines grown anywhere in Italy. — 17 days ago

I Vigneri di Salvo Foti

Vigna di Milo Etna Carricante 2013

Petrol, mountain herbs, lemony goodness. — a month ago

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Etna Bianco Carricante Cataratto

Very good. Fennel, dill. Long finish. Excellent. — a month ago