Carmelo, Uruguay

Viña Progreso

Suenos de Elisa Tannat 2011

Racy and dark, acidic sour Japanese plum. Licorice nose. Heavy tannins and a strinkingly clean finish from that acid rinse. Begs for braised short ribs or lamb gyro with cucumber dill yogurt sauce. Gets meatier and meatier as it opens up. — 2 days ago

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Viña Progreso

Bodega Experimental Overground Sangiovese 2018

Bright vibrant young cherry acidity lights up the palate while the nose is enticed with dirty earthy cherries and a hint of teriyaki pork jerky. Worked very well as a marriage partner for my meaty cheesy lasagna. Cheers! — 11 days ago

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Bodega Garzon

Estate Tannat de Corte 2018

Vino muy rico con sabe suave. Buen acompañamiento. — 19 days ago


Uruguay Tannat 2017

Got some heft to it. Fruit but complex. Really nice. — a month ago

Bodega Cordano

Entre Viñas Refrescante Dulce Rosé Chardonnay Moscato

Most unique sparkling wine. Flowery with strong hints of peach and jasmine. Nice, well integrated sweet edge. Couldn’t stop drinking it, so deserved high score. — a month ago

RoAnne de WeerdTammy de Weerd
with RoAnne and Tammy
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Tammy de Weerd

Tammy de Weerd

Very memorable and distinct wine - fresh, bubbly, happy wine. Definitely an experience to enjoy a glass!

Bodega Garzon

Reserva Tannat 2018

Delicious and right-sized. — 10 days ago

Bertolini Broglio

Ultra Premium Exotic Tannat 2018

Not a typical Uruguayan Tannat. Smooth with equilibrated tannins. Rich, whith perfect acidity. You can reserves for 3 years. — a month ago

Viña Progreso

Viognier 2019

This wine is electric! From the first waft on the nose to the splash on the palate, this wine is one of those I like to call “shiny.” It makes the insides of your nostrils tingle, the acid glands in the soft spots in the cheeks of your mouth sing, and the tips of your ears dance. It feels and smells irony like wet copper pennies and the texture is sheer as fine crystal. Bright fresh lemons yet some butterscotch warmth detected on the nose. High citric acid lights up the mouth with liquid lightening. Open for summer in your glass! — 12 days ago

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Bodega Garzon

Petit Clos Block #127 Cabernet Franc 2016

Exquisite, intense in the nose, and elegant. Medium body but plenty of flavors, leather, wood. Excelent for cellar — 12 days ago


Reserve Rio de los Pajaros Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

This is a tannat grape wine, not cabernet sauvignon. I got the 2017 vintage and it was really splendid. Robust and well balanced with notes of wood and spices. — 24 days ago