Burgundy Chardonnay

Domaine Henri Boillot

Bourgogne Chardonnay 2018

David T

So, Henri Boillot is one of my go to Burgundy producers...largely for his quality in craft but, his QPR as well.

Normally, I wouldn’t open even one of his Village Bourgogne whites this early (I would wait 2-3 more years) but, 2018 is a good to very good not outstanding vintage & this was only $25 ish. Inexpensive for a decent Burgundy these days. So, I bought several.

The nose reveals; waxy, sweet & sour lemons, the light, good/softer aspects of lemon pledge, lime zest, green & golden apple, overripe pineapple, honeysuckle, apricots, white peach, orange rind, grapefruit w/ pith, tree bark, flintiness, notes of roasted caramel, vanillin, beautifully, elegant, grey volcanics, salty, powdery, even slightly floral chalkiness, white to lightly brown spices, sea spray, oyster notes, limestone/sandstone, fruit blossoms, yellow lilies framed in a field of spring flowers.

The body is thick, rich, lush and nicely rounded. If you like viscosity, no issues here. It guides over the palate presenting no mouth arguments. Waxy, sweet & sour lemons, the light, good/softer notes of lemon pledge, green & some golden apple with skin, lime zest, overripe pineapple, honeysuckle, apricots, white peach, orange rind, tropicals green melon, tree bark, notes of roasted caramel, beautifully, elegant, grey volcanics, salty, powdery, even slightly floral chalkiness, white to lightly brown spices with some medium palate heat, sea spray, oyster notes, sulfur/flintiness, limestone/sandstone, fruit blossoms, yellow lilies framed in a field of spring flowers. The acidity is near dead on...like a gentle cool stream. The long finish is, gorgeous & sexy, elegant, rich, good balance all around and persists gently for minutes.

Just gets better & better as it warms & opens up in the glass. This Bourgogne will add another point or two when I open my next bottle in 2-3 years.

Excellent with our soft, white cheese...Jasper Hill Farms-Willoughby. If you can find this cheese, gets one of my highest recommendations. Bought it at Whole Foods but, you can always check JasperHillFarms.com if N/A where you shop.

Photos of; Masion Henri Boillot, Owner/Winemaker Henri Boillot, tasting room that looks into the barrel room and his Bonnes Mares Vineyard.
— 6 days ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Above my pay grade

Domaine Sebastien Dampt

Les Beugnons Chablis 1er Cru Chardonnay 2016

A really unique Chablis. It emphasizes juicy fruit over brothy, limestoney minerals. But it also has the nice acidity one hopes for in Chablis. There is a nice, slightly smoky, flinty note in the nose. Finishes a tad diluted, however. — 4 days ago

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Jean-Marc Pillot

"Le Haut des Champs" Bourgogne Chardonnay 2017

This Wine is so good for the money : Classic bourgogne blanc : Apples, hay, rocks and prettiness! I had it with this delicious cabbage soup from six seasons highly recommend!  — 3 months ago

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J. J. Vincent et Fils

Brut Crémant de Bourgogne Chardonnay

An unfinished bottle which the engaged couple brought from their earlier dinner. Enjoyed this more than the Nicolas Feuillatte Brut, which I felt was a little too rich. Definitely a pleasant surprise. Fruity, juicy, and bright. Had a little bit of reductive stank, but nothing I mind. Finishes quite tangy with subtle yeast and spice notes. Not bad at all. — 3 days ago

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Domaine Louis Moreau

Valmur Chablis Grand Cru Chardonnay 2015

Ron R

What a stunning example of a white burg.
White stone fruits on the nose and palate. Pure fruit expression with delicate oak treatment, and deftly balanced acidity. Finishes with blossom, lemon zest, and a slither of honey - sublime - Chelsea, London.
— 8 hours ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Thought this one looked familiar when scrolling 🤔
Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@Ron R Nice.. I love Chablis! Cheers!
Ron R

Ron R Influencer Badge Premium Badge

@Betsy Schermer, please share your notes. Are we aligned??? 😀

Jean-Louis Chavy

Les Folatières Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Chardonnay 2016

Ron R

When you’re in the smoke (London), white burgs are front and center. @David L, @Bill Bender, @Shay A, @Mike R, @Joe Lucca, @Carl Fischer and @Shawn R would wet their pants over this. Killer expression of burg. Regal, pristine and focused. Extends and expands on the palate. Head-spinning presentation - Chelsea, London. — 8 hours ago

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Ryan Vento

Ryan Vento Premium Badge

A good ol’ pant wetter

Denis (Isabelle et Denis) Pommier

Fourchaume Chablis 1er Cru Chardonnay 2014

Needs 30 minutes to open up even at this stage.

Nose still has a hint of wood. Lime

Palate is lime, mineral and terrific richness. Really citrusy. Great acidity. Upper right on the richness acidity 4 quadrant graph.

Served with shrimp in coconut cream sauce. A great pairing

Bought from fass selections.
— a day ago

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Domaine Moutard-Diligent

Les Clos Chablis Grand Cru Chardonnay 2014

I have never been great at pulling out the nuances of whites. But we will give it a try. Nose had a clean grassy oak aroma. I noticed more what I thought to be star fruit but others said apples and grapefruit. You decide. This lingers in your mouth with a nice long finish. Enjoyed it with charcuterie in which it shined. — 3 months ago

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Domaine des Comtes Lafon

Meursault-Charmes 1er Cru Chardonnay 2016

Very charming indeed 😎🤦🏻‍♂️ Dense and rich, yet surprising lithe. A real class act here. I've got nothing but good things to say about Lafon's recent vintages and this 16' was firing on all cylinders from the get-go.

The nose was gorgeous - pears and apples with strong floral and rich malo elements, all set on a underlying tone of well-integrated reduction. On the palate, the wine was so smooth (no hardness at all!) and complex. The wife described it as being very balanced and complete. I loved the texture. Deceivingly light when first opened (to the point that AC thought it might have been a Chablis), but the texture kept buidling as the night progressed. Air also revealed the more citrusy side of this wine, lovely spice, and a light stoniness. The finish was long, driven by fruit and acidity. Superb really and I would definitely like to revisit this in a good couple of years.

NB: Apparently, no new oak was used in this 16' Charmes.
— 11 days ago

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Vincent Dauvissat

Les Preuses Chablis Grand Cru Chardonnay 2012

This is wonderful. Concentrated and lean with a crazy nose. Oyster shells, minerality, salinity. Deep fruit but quite precise and delicate. A hint of sandalwood. Great now and life ahead. — 5 days ago

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