Blauer Portugieser

Winzergenossenschaft Vier-Jahreszeiten

Dürkheimer Feuerberg Rotwein Trocken Blauer Portugieser 2012

From the Heidelberg’ Castle. A surprisingly good red blend. A gift that greatly exceeded expectations. Soft red cherries and currants.with hints of pepper. Very pleasant 🍷 — 9 days ago

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Franz Strohmeier

Schilcher Frizzante Symbiose

All the way to CDMX for Austrian bubbles — 4 days ago

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Sepp und Maria Muster

Rosé vom Opok 2017

Nutty, earthy, hint of bell pepper, not sweet, which allows it to pair nicely with fruity dishes (unlike other Rose’s that could compete on sweetness). Paired nicely with lobster. — 3 months ago

Franz Strohmeier

Schilcher Frizzante Rosé Blauer Wildbacher 2018

Trobada Alternativa. Eli & Cesc.
— 4 days ago

Franz Strohmeier

Karmin 5 Trauben, Liebe und Zeit Rosé Blauer Wildbacher 2016

Really cool, light and very drinkable - blackberries, red berries and some natural funk — 2 months ago

Sarah Ray
with Sarah


Kapfensteiner Blauer Zweigelt 2015

Nice. Has a nice burst of fruit initially but then evolves into a nice earthy aftertaste. — 3 months ago


Rhini Blauer Spätburgunder 2014

Wow. So well made. Pure cherry juice on the palate. So fresh. Some minerality. Reminds me of pomnier Bourgogne rouge a bit stylistically. A wine you can drink but so well made you have to appreciate the artistry. Lovely finish. Clingy texturally a bit

I like the nose. Very clean cherry. A hint of cherry licorice.

As@this opens much better Sappier. Really sick fruit. Nose gets a touch of blueberry. More spice

Bought from fass selections.
— 8 days ago

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Weingut Brunn

Blauer Zweigelt Rosé

Green apple, grapefruit, fennel, toasted nuts. Light, high acidity medium alcohol, super low sweetness — 3 months ago