Bierzo, Castilla Y León

Raul Pérez

Ultreia Saint Jacques Bierzo Mencía 2017

Checks all the boxes: Fresh, elegant, very drinkable, great value, (chalky) minerality, dry raspy and subtly salty finish. — 10 days ago

Raul Pérez

Ultreia De Valtuille Bierzo Mencía 2014

A great wine. Interesting depth, very long finish. Great fruit and very smooth tannins. — 15 days ago

Michael Field
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Bierzo Mencía 2015

Gorgeous deep red, enjoyed with food and alone, out in Ibiza — 15 days ago

Descendientes de José Palacios

Pétalos Bierzo Mencía 2016

Smooth, supple, interesting. Could drink this one all night long. — a day ago

Descendientes de José Palacios

San Martin Corullon Bierzo Mencía 1999

Napa in Spain — 6 days ago

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Ron R

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A 99 Italian still showing so much fruit and energy... I must try this...

Raul Pérez

Vico Bierzo Mencía

On Apr 2019 - maybe too late — 6 days ago

Senda Verde

Bierzo Godello 2015


Zesty lemon and a little hint of mineral. Simple and delicious. — 4 hours ago

Descendientes de José Palacios

Villa de Corullon Bierzo Mencía

Un poco de acetato de etilo, pero equilibrado, largo, muy rico. — 7 days ago

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Bodegas y Viñedos La Senda

Vindemiatrix Bierzo Mencía 2017

Light red with a funky natural wine zingyness to it. Mellows out the more that it breathes in the glass — 17 days ago

Dominio de Anza

Selección de Parcelas Bierzo Mencía 2015

Very delicious nose and taste, Mencia is magic🇪🇸😍 — 16 days ago