Barbaresco, Cuneo

Produttori del Barbaresco

Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2009

Shows the warm of the ‘09 vintage very well. Succulent, full, guided by its overt personality than alluring tension. Plenty of bright acid, tannins are sleek and show a musculature nature without being too dominating on the palate. Ripe black cherry, roasted strawberry, candy cap mushroom, tar, rose, licorice candy, ferns, Ceylon, ting of allspice. Very happy with how this drank, perfect for homemade Pappardelle w/braised rabbit (in Burlotto Pelaverga of course) — 11 days ago

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Currá Barbaresco Nebbiolo

When tuning a violin, one has many options. A tuning fork has always been my preference. I like the clear tone created by the vibrations of the fork smacking the side of my case and then clamoring to find just the right harmony with the wood of the instrument. The sound has a purity and if Hemmingway was a tone, he would be the A created by the tuning fork. Wine can hit a tone. It can express a purity of flavor that harmonizes with itself, and most importantly, harmonizes with our own personal vibrations. It can be a clear and graceful expression of itself, un-muddled by faults or ego. Just fruit and alcohol and tannin and acid. The powerful clarity of a single note in the measure of a tune. — 15 days ago

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Massimo Rivetti

Froi Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2013

I liked this better than my wife did. Mid-weight, modern-styled, red-fruited Barbaresco that is surprisingly open for business despite its youth. Not one to hold for the longer term, I think. — 10 days ago

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Paitin di Pasquero-Elia

Sorì Paitin Barbaresco Nebbiolo 1995

This opened up with hot soil, tobacco and cherries on the nose. We allowed to decant for a while and the cherries and tobacco carried over on the palate. Maybe because of the age the tannins and acids seemed to be subdued compared to other Barbaresco s I have had recently. The wines from this area are becoming some of my favorites. — 3 years ago

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Bruno Giacosa

Asili di Barbaresco Riserva Barbaresco Nebbiolo 1996

A lot of menthol, but with a good bit of depth, it is enjoyable, but still very young and it really needs more time for the menthol to fade and the other flavors and aromas to become more prominent as it is pretty monolithic at the moment. It had been double decanted at least a few hours before dinner, if I recall correctly. — 12 days ago

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Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2012

Aged six years till release. Light bodied but good presence. Earthy with cherry and roses. Apparently all natural. Tastes like a very traditionally styled Barbaresco. — 9 days ago

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Bruno Giacosa

Rabajà di Barbaresco Riserva Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2001

The essence of Barbaresco, a scintillating prism of flowers, tar, and fruit, it is outstanding but still with room for improvement. It had been double decanted at least a few hours before dinner, if I recall correctly. — 12 days ago

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Castello di Verduno

Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2015

Mason Balistreri

This is fantastic. The nose is fascinating with a sort of minty, floral quality that is hard to describe. It's very lifted and sexy; and I might even say there's a tiny, tiny hint of VA. The palate is soft, lush and beautifully balanced. The fruit character is markedly darker than other Barbarescos I've had lately, but the tannins are completely integrated. This rocks now but I would love to try it a few years down the line.
— 23 days ago

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Produttori del Barbaresco

Paje' Riserva Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2009

In such a beautiful spot at the crossroads of secondary elements coming on while still being youthful. One of ny favorite nebbiolos of the year for sure — a day ago

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Bruno Giacosa

Falletto di Serralunga D'Alba Barolo Nebbiolo 2003

Tawny and mostly translucent. Fruit dominated nose with some funk. Notes of chopped ripe cherries, moist earth, pepper, some molasses and faint red roses. In the mouth, a high level of fruit matched against modest structure and light tannins. Medicinal and a little hot, some raisin notes, not all that balanced. Reflective of the hot year/vintage. An ok drink but will wait to see what 10 more years of age will add to the experience. — 14 days ago

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