Finger Lakes Cider House

Kite & String Funkhouse Traditional Method Cider

Very champagne like (or at least sparkling grape like). Rich but not sweet. Interesting flavors beyond apple. Sadly it’s been drunk so I can’t give a real time taste analysis. You will have to try for yourself! — 11 days ago

Enlightenment Wines

Raise The Roof Sparkling Mead

Tangy pet nat made from honey. Savory, creamy, and funky. — 17 days ago

Original Sin

Premium Hard Cider

Quality cider, crisp, no residual sugary nasty like you often get. Well made to keep the apple flavor but with a wine like quality . Not for people who expect apple juice . A sophisticated beverage . Good with lots of food. — a month ago

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Finger Lakes Cider House

Kite & String Baldwin Traditional Method Cider

Superb traditional sparking cider from Finger Lakes. This has some crab apple which gives it some bite. This is super dry and really awesome. — 11 days ago

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Exultet Estates

Royal Road Recipe Handcrafted Fortified Apple Wine 2015

Nice syrupy apple stuff. Like it. — 21 hours ago

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Enlightenment Wines

Fey Apple Mead

Bruised apple and honey. Zippy acidity. — 17 days ago

Finger Lakes Cider House

Kite & String Sparkling Rosé

Mostly a cider- low alcohol and fair amount of bubbles. Gift from the kids after a NY trip. Great for brunch! — 2 days ago

Dave Wismer
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Oliver Winery

Apple Pie Wine

I don't know how they made a wine taste like a cinnamon apple pie with the after taste of vanilla ice cream but they did! Very good wine and go-to fall party pleaser. — 7 months ago

Reinhart Foods

Red Apple Light Cider

Tastes just like tasty apple juice. :) — 9 days ago

Georgian Hills Vineyards

Ida Red Frozen to the core 2014

Intense apple cider bite. Delicious! Not too thick for an ice wine. — 21 days ago