Finnriver Farm (Elijah K. Swan)

Honey Meadow Botanical Cider

Golden brown in color, light head on pour, small to medium sized bubbles. Honey note in nose. Complex apple flavor profile is the canvas for the painting of botanical flavors - dandelion, chamomile, lemon balm and burdock. Dry, no tannins on finish. Not my favorite from them, seems I might be allergic to the dandelion, but a nice product, well crafted as usual. — 17 days ago

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Bad Seed

Hopped Hard Cider IPC

Real dry, pretty funky, great! — 8 days ago

Cidre Bouché Breton

Brut Artisanale Cider

Brettone cidre in its proper cup. Brut & Beaut — 25 days ago

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Virtue Cider

Garage Core

A great, dry cider. A collaboration between Virtue (the guys that owned Goose Island) and Longman & Eagle. Great, rich fall flavors, mild carbonation. A little acidity, but so well balanced. — 15 days ago

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Williams Chase

Elegant Crisp Gin 2016

Vintage 2016 (yes for gin). Batch #101. will search and buy more. — 15 days ago

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Malus Mama

Apple Cider 2011

‘Ice Vine from Spain’ is enough to get anyone excited, this tastes like its from the depths of Narnia. Would go well with salted caramel deserts. Tastes like Alien. Incredible — 8 days ago


Heirloom Apple Brandy

Beautiful nose- lovely apple hit with mild cognac. Not my bag, but appreciate the craftsmanship — a month ago


Villacubera Sidra de Asturias

Got it on sale because of some kind of mistake- not bubbly enough so that might’ve been it. Excellent flavor — 15 days ago

Cidres Kerisac

Cuvee Speciale Brut Breton Cidre

An authentic Brut cidre that's dry and easy to drink. Perfect for pairing with food such as Galettes. — 18 days ago

Woodbox Cider Co

Heritage Imperial Dry Cider

Tall head of carbonation on pour. Pale golden color, slightly cloudy, large bubble size in carbonation. Mild but complex apple aroma, perfumed, almost floral. Dry, malic acid shifts to citric and lactic finish. Tactility from bubbles in finish and aftertaste, mild astringency from pulp. No alcohol level listed. Subtle, but worthy pour. Recommended to serve at cellar temp of 50F, but I liked it even colder. Label also mentions minerality — a month ago

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