Fable Farm & Fermentory

Leo Sparkling Appe and Grape Wine 2016

Unbelievable cider. This walks the line perfectly between cider and orange wine. There is great apple flavor with a funk. The finish reminds me of some of the orange wines I’ve had from Georgia and Hungary. If you like funky wines, this is a must try. So brilliant. — 6 days ago


Sparkling Cider 1868

Super tasty anniversary sparkling dranks with Bae ❤️🍻🎉🤗❤️ — 9 days ago

Fable Farm & Fermentory

Fluxion Ancestral II Apple Wine 2015

Funky goodness. Nice effervescence with tart apples, funk, and acidity. Long finish. — 18 days ago

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Neige Winery

Première Ice Apple Cider

This cider is tha bomb! We forgot about a tiny sample in our fridage for 2 months: what a happy mistake! We went and got a full size bottle after being thoroughly blown away by the sample and drank it immediately: still excellent. But not as good as the bottle that was forgotten in the fridge for 2 months, will be sure to repeat the process again and again! — 12 days ago


Sponti Cider 2017

Lime, orange peel, herbs, mushroom, French oak. Low acidity. — 10 days ago


Cidre Artisanal

Funky, not overly sweet... one of my favorite coders I’ve ever had. — 18 days ago

Eve's Cidery

Albee Hill Still & Dry Cider

Very clean, dry, and good. Described as the twisting of cider and agree. — 4 days ago

Oliver Winery

Apple Pie Wine

Smells sooo good. Very tasty, sweet, cinnamony. — 5 days ago


Cider New York Dry Sparkling 2017

White flowers and minerals. Medium plus acidity. — 10 days ago


Pineapple Hula Hard Cider

This is so yummy! — 12 days ago