Fable Farm & Fermentory

Fluxion III Dry Sparkling Apple Wine

Oakey and crisp, definitely adjacent to a dry cider but barely sweet at all and a lot lighter on the tongue. Nice for just a glass or two, so make sure to share with a lot of friends. — 15 days ago

Woodchuck Cidery

Bubbly Rosé Blush

Tart and fruity, really great summer sipping. The blush is definitely for the ‘gram but I appreciate it nonetheless. Made with a blend of red apples. — a month ago

Matthew BurgessClaire TroussieuxShea Bove
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Chevallier Arthur

Calvados Pays d'Auge Apple

Nice Calvados that I picked up in Normandy. Enjoyed it after dinner with family at the beach house — a month ago

Barbara Raphael
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Cidre Artisanal

Tastes like a Red Delicious Apple 🍎. Mmmmm. — 7 days ago

Lindsey Wells
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Sidra El Gobernador

Sidra de Hielo Hibernis Ice Cider 2017

Really tasty, the sweetness doesn’t cover the tartness and earthiness if the apples. — 25 days ago

Woodchuck Cidery

Bubbly Pearsecco

Surprisingly dry for a cider - but the pear adds a nice and subtle fruitiness that isn’t overwhelming. A good choice for anyone who isn’t into sweet ciders/pear ciders. Would pair well with all sorts of food! I’ll be sipping on this many times come summer, I’m sure. — a month ago

Matthew BurgessClaire TroussieuxJames Forsyth
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Bill Bender

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Great tradition (and movie) @Severn Goodwin !!
Julia Geisler

Julia Geisler

@Bill Bender I think I may have but in my mind they’re somehow still two different animals!
Bill Bender

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I agree @Julia Geisler in my mind a woodchuck is fatter and furrier hahaha....

Sidra Angelon

Prau Monga Sidra de Asturias Apple Cider

Delicious sparkling Asturian cider. Has the typical earthiness but the bubbles keep it crisp and refreshing. — 25 days ago

Jim Beam

Apple Liqueur

I’m not a sweet liquor fan but I like a 50/50 mix of Jim Beam and Jim Beam Apple on ice. More of a cordial. — 3 months ago