Wein Erbhof Stein

Wein-Erbhof Stein

Weihwasser feinherb Mosel Riesling

It was hard not to put this bottle down. Consumed after a run, 375ml and then the rest before dinner. The run was an hour before dinner. — 9 days ago

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Erik Longabardi

Erik Longabardi

@Severn Goodwin 2020. I actually prefer 2019 but this is still lightning good
Severn Goodwin

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Great, thanks!

Wein-Erbhof Stein

Alfer Hölle 1900 Riesling 1900

Stellar. Simple yet beguiling. — a month ago

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Wein-Erbhof Stein

Blue Slate Dry Riesling

Dry, good acidity which is a little unusual for a Riesling. Good weight, bright color, this wine is delicious! — 4 months ago

Sarah Peters
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Wein-Erbhof Stein

Ohne Sekt Extra Brut Riesling

Unsulfured Stein bottling originally created for Noma. Not the gambling sort, and friends had reported extreme bottle variation, so I grabbed a single bottle. Opened on a Monday night, prepared for the worst. We lucked out. Fabulous nose, hint of botrytis, beeswax. Initial funky oxidative notes blew off in the decanter. Palate is massive slate mineral core, huge refreshing acid, citrus, creamy elegance. Two hours in now it tastes like still champagne, rather lees-y. — 19 days ago

Alsu Shakirova
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Matthew Cohen

Matthew Cohen

Great guy. Great winemaker.
Lyle Fass

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@Matthew Cohen his wife is also super friendly

Wein-Erbhof Stein

Palmberg trocken Riesling 2019

Happy Riesling Day! — 3 months ago

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Stein Riesling 2018

Stein x Momofuku. Special bottle sold with proceeds going to restaurant workers. Refreshing thirst quencher with green apple, mineral and loads of acidity. @Delectable Wine this is the Wein-Erbhof Stein Riesling Trocken 888 x Momofuku (Mosel, Germany) — a year ago

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Wein-Erbhof Stein

Blauschiefer Trocken Riesling 2019

Drew Summers

Spicy noodles companion. — 21 days ago

Wein-Erbhof Stein

Mosel Trocken Rosé Blend 2020

In magnum. — 13 days ago

Jay PatelJohn LeighCassie Sakai
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Wein-Erbhof Stein

St. Aldegunder Himmelreich Kabinett feinherb Riesling 2016

Jasmine, petroleum, white peach, perfect with Ethiopian food — 4 months ago

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Wein-Erbhof Stein

St. Aldegunder Palmberg-Terrasen Riesling Kabinett 2017

One can only wish to make a wine like this and even drink it. Such focus like a piercing needle into your veins. Clarity in 750ml — 3 years ago

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