Aoton Winery

Savatiano Roditis 2019

The wine is rich, thick, balanced, nice acid and tannins. Not a fruit forward wine but amazing nose and body. Alcohol is high but balanced. Color is deep gold. The wine maker and his philosophy is amazing. Young guy and doing things his way and the right way. Yields are tiny, production is very small, quality is extremely high, family vineyard. Very special and unique wine. A steal at any price. In comparison to this producer’s roditis, this wine is 87% savatiano and 13% roditis. The wine is more elegant than the roditis. It is clearly a wine that focuses on terroir. I honestly put this as one of, if not the best, Greek wine, have tasted. I can’t say enough good things about this wine. The wine will likely age well because of the skin contact tannins. — 21 days ago

Georgas Family

Black Label Savatiano 2020

Super interesting Greek wine. I see that others say this is an amber wine which I am not sure I would categorize it that way. Crazy notes of yeasty bread and lemons on the nose. Taste of banana super yeasty bread and mango lassi. So fun. Run don’t walk. — 5 months ago

Ginny Lewinski
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Georga's Family

Tonino Rose Merlot Blend 2018

Like cran-apple juice, in your face sweet vs tart — a year ago


Vieilles Vignes Markopoulo Savatiano 2020

No notes. First encounter w Greek varietal, has some RS, & lovely. A bit viscous. One drinker thought a dry Riesling as tasted blind — 2 months ago

Owen Mazon
with Owen
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Markou Vineyards

Savatiano 2019

John Howard

Great balance. Loving the Greek whites. — 4 months ago

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Naked Truth Savatiano 2019

2019 - Vintage skin contact Savatiano from Attica , Greece - golden color hay , herbs , quince , stones , some phenolics - really like this surprised about lower scores — 7 months ago

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Retsína Savatiano

When I get retsina, I want it to have loads of pine punch. This one was a little closer to a pinot gris than a really strong retsina. — 2 years ago


Savatiano 2020

Sea breeze, lemon verbena, green melon, mineral (hint of flunky) and an almond/vanilla note.

Greek salad was one of the first foods I learned to “cook” for myself, and it’s still a go to for me: salty, crisp, simple, refreshing, much like this delightful Greek wine. And most of the time, that’s more than enough. Made from the much maligned Savatiano grape (for its unfortunate association with retsina). It reminds me more of a Gavi, (lower acid) Chablis, or Soave than Assyrtiko.

Also, the bird on the label is wearing a bowler hat which is fun.
— 2 months ago

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Aoton Winery

Night Harvest Savatiano 2019

An incredibly interesting wine. 100% Savatiano, the main grape in Retsina. The ten days of skin contact and ten months on the lees with battonage is on full display with its fuller bodied, oily texture. Quince, guava, pineapple, nectarine, and stones. More white than orange. Reads Riesling/Chenin. An incredible value if you’re looking for a wine to wrap your head around. — 4 months ago

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Amber Wine Savatiano

Wonderful and inexpensive. — 10 months ago