Redwood Creek

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Hawkeye Ranch Pinot Noir

Little Saint rec a smooth mild success — 5 months ago

Folk Machine

Redwood Valley Valdiguié 2019

Tart cranberry and cherry flavors and racy acidity. There was also a sour, yeasty component on the back palate that was slightly redolent of sourdough bread. Interesting. Nonetheless an enjoyable bottle for all its funkiness. 100% Valdiguie. 7/4/22. — a year ago

Vinca Minor

Rosewood Vineyards Carignan Merlot

Paired well with grilled chicken parm — 3 years ago

Dirty & Rowdy

Old Vines Petite Sirah 2015

From mag. Super fresh still — 7 months ago

Rosenblum Cellars

Annette's Reserve Redwood Valley Zinfandel 2002

2002; Father's Day 2022
👃 Dried blackberries, dried blueberries, over-ripe black cherry, crushed dark chocolate | 👅 Black cherry & strawberry syrup reduction, over-ripe nectarine skin, dark chocolate sauce, light tar notes, acidity/tannins persists with a long, round finish. Satisfying.

Cork pulled for slow oxidation, 11H rest at time of notes.

The end of the line for our Annette's stock, starting life in our cellar as a 4-pack back in Nov. 2005 ($22.50), this has been an enjoyable run.
Paired to homemade chocolate lava cake. 🤤
— a year ago

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Doug Powers

Doug Powers

Glad to see it’s held up 20 years!! Cheers!
Tom Casagrande

Tom Casagrande Influencer Badge

Wow! Amazed it held up so well at 15.4.
Ming L

Ming L

A quick googling points to a sub AVA of Mendocino…. Too many AVA’s to keep up.

Breaking Bread

Redwood Valley Grenache

Subtle tannins that make this juicy, clean, and delicious. Plums, deep dark cherry. — 3 years ago

Subject To Change Wine Co

Party Monster Chapman Vineyard Pet Nat Carignane Rosé

Sparkling, bright, and fruity. Has a good vibe. — 10 months ago

Toulouse Vineyards

Redwood Valley Petite Sirah 2016

Heady wild black fruit. Minimal oak and air influence. It holds its fruit tight, but clear and clean. I think this will be magic in ten years. — 2 years ago

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Breaking Bread

Redwood Valley Zinfandel

Different but yummy along — 2 years ago

Farmstrong Vineyards

Field Rosé Redwood Valley Rosé Blend

It’s all in the can! Easy to drink acidic finish — 3 years ago