Peter Franus

Peter Vida

Bonsai Öregtőkés Kadarka 2017

Alder Yarrow

I happen to think that Kadarka, a Hungarian grape that few have heard of, is one of the most interesting wine grapes around. Similar to Trousseau or Poulssard in weight and finesse, it’s totally delicious. This one is made from gnarled, 100-year-old vines (hence the name) whose delicate fruit is fermented and aged in steel. Aromas of dried flowers and red currant give way to dried herbs, strawberry and cherry flavors with notes of dried fennel seed in the finish. Juicy and bright and a mere 13% alcohol. — 6 days ago

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Peter Lehmann

Stonewell Barossa Shiraz 2004

Still a dark Ruby almost opaque. Ripe dark plum notes verging on prune. Blackberry and Dark Chocolate. Touches of licorice and mint. Typical old vine Barossa - a lush texture from old vines and full bodied. Great length and resolved tannins. So delicious now I can’t see that further cellaring will change things markedly for the better. — 22 days ago

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Peter Martin Ray Vineyard Chardonnay 2017

Decent minerality, not as approachable as their PN. Might need more age to bring out some better character — 7 days ago

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Peter Lauer

Neuenberg Faß 17 Riesling 2019

Citrus fruit, ripping acidity, long tart, fruity, lingering finish. Rounded out with just a touch of residual sugar. Elite. — 10 days ago

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Peter Lauer

Stirn Faß 15 Riesling 2011


Light color compared to other Rieslings from the Saar. Super intense smell of crushed wet rocks. Taste is elegant and balanced. Medium length with a slightly (too) sweet finish for a dry Riesling. — an hour ago

Peter Michael Winery

Cuvée Indigène Chardonnay 1998

Lyle Fass

What a great wine. Acid is killer. Terrific finish. Complex. Elegant. Awesome inner mouth aromas. Really surprised me. — 10 days ago

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Peter Lauer

Ayler Kupp Faß 5 Kabinett Riesling 2014

Wow so good. Nose has buttered plums and flowers turned up to 11. Incredible density for kabinett, and long. So good already but tertiary qualities just starting to peek out. Two more years this will be even better. — 14 days ago

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Peter Lauer

Senior Faß 6 Ayler Riesling 2019

Not drowning, waving. Luscious perfection. — 9 days ago

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Peter Lauer

Unterstenberg Faß 12 Riesling 2019

Peter Lauer never disappoints. Lovely, lively, mouthwatering acidity. Citrus and green apple. — 17 days ago

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Peter Michael Winery

Ma Danseuse Pinot Noir 2013

Savory nose. Bright red fruit lingers from attack through finish, changing shapes and perspectives along the way. Oak is subtle but darkness of tannin seem out of place. — 14 days ago

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