Cantine Colli di Catone

Casal Pilozzo Lazio Malvasia 2004

Unique wine
Coming from my cellar in Italy
Antonio Pulcini the winemaker is a lovely fellow that lives in a marvellous property on the hills south of Rome.
He found when relatively young bottles made by his dad 30 years earlier still delicious and decided to reproduce them somehow.
It took him a while, but the wines have absolutely no similar examples in the area.

The wine is bright gold with straw shade
When it reaches room temperature gives its best on the nose with mandarin, grapefruit, an array of herbs and flowers. Hay, cheese, wet stones, marzipan and quite an oxidative personality.
The palate is fresh, soft and extremely long.
Probably the vines this wine was made from have been replaced too. Fascinating too say in one word.
— 6 days ago

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David L

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Nice note. All that from the nose👍. Do you have more than one cellar? @Ceccherini Cristiano
Ceccherini Cristiano

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@David L thanks🙏. I am moving my wines from my ex-cellar in Italy here to Australia and i am going to meet some interesting bottles soon I guess...but still just one cwllar unfortunately 😢😊


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