Heinrich Mayr (Nusserhof)

Ty........ Rosso Teroldego

Not sure what these others are basing this on but this is lightning. — 11 hours ago


Nero Bufaleffj Nero d'Avola 2005

Sultry vibe. Fruit like a kiss with red lipstick. Tawny port, raisins, dank florals and masses of dark energy like a flash of lightning at night. But this is not too extracted and very light in the mouth with bright acid. Way more elegant and silky than any Nero I’ve tried. Underneath the fruity/floral is a musky, sexy, earthy quality, a red clay earthiness, like the scent from the forest floor of some very specific, very remote place. Revelatory. — 5 months ago

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Interesting- this sounds great, I’ve had quite a bit of Nero d’Avola and i never found it age worthy or this bad ass?! Cheers
Josh Morgenthau

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@ESF highly recommended! This along with a few other single vineyard crus by Gulfi and Feudo Montoni are really in a class of their own. Old vines and high elevations (up to 600m for Gulfi’s top cru) really transform the way the variety expresses itself.

Cardenal Mendoza

Solera Gran Reserva Brandy

Smoky caramel-mocha nose shows broom straw and bamboo, vanilla bean, graphite, tea biscuit, cardamom, cinnamon-apple, attic nutmeg and cilantro. Rich and chocolate-y mouthfeel with warm cinnamon heat is exemplary. First taste puts the dully oaken nose to shame for insufficient suggestion. This thing brings a support beam of heavy oak in abundance. Cedar, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, allspice, tobacco; the gangs all here. Coffee is the magnet in the middle; two sugars, black, a millisecond before the heavy cream and drizzled caramel. Buckwheat, buckthorn, and dried pineapple are the lightning in this dark storm. Add ginger and dried lime and a drop of Fernet Branca and you’ve nailed it. Don Quixote used to nip this for breakfast. #brandy #cardinalmendoza #spanishbrandy #brandydejerez #soleragranreserva #jerez #sanchezromatehermanos #sanchezromate #grapespirit — a year ago

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Lightning Rock

Summerland Pinot Noir Rosé 2017

Very light, dry, Pinot noir — 3 months ago


Roero Arneis 2018

I can confidently say this is my favourite white varietal, and this is an excellent version. There’s just so much going on in your mouth, it’s like taking a bite out of lightning. — 6 months ago

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J. Lohr

Cuvée Pau Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

19.95 WB - Lightning crashes. Love it with steaks and by itself — a year ago

Domaine Bruno Clair

Les Vaudenelles Marsannay Pinot Noir 2018

Pop and pour, bc I was hoping that lightning might strike twice (Ron Hextall, anyone, anyone?). So close (geographically) to the charme aux prêtres, but so different...still very good. On the nose:.much darker, with more plum and a touch of black raspberry, but still the signature house spice. On the palate: blackberry, cinnamon, allspice, fantastic acidity and density...soft tannin on the spicy finish. — 3 months ago

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Hofgut Falkenstein

Krettnacher Euchariusberg Auslese Riesling 2016

Flashing bolts of lightning and stone fruits.
— 6 months ago

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McHenry Vineyard

Massaro Vineyard Pinot Noir 1999

This is a long story but worth the read. McHenry Vineyard, which is own-rooted and dry-farmed, was replanted back in the 90’s. While they waited for their vines to mature, they purchased some fruit and this is one of those examples.

The first time I ever had this wine was back in 2007 with some dear friends of ours, celebrating a birthday. Her father was a construction executive who periodically travelled to the Bay Area and happened to bring a few bottles of McHenry back on one of his trips. I was early in my wine journey and remember thinking back then, “This wine is gorgeous and, wow, has it aged really well…for a California Pinot Noir”. In that instant, McHenry became a darling winery for me and I have been enjoying their wines ever since.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2019 when I first visited the vineyard. I mentioned to Brandon that my introduction to McHenry wines was the 1999 Massaro Vineyard and before I new it, he had pulled a bottle from the library. The wine instantly brought me back to that experience in 2007. He even agreed to sell me a bottle to take with me too! Anyway, on this night, since I was with the same group of friends from my first experience 13 years ago.

In the glass, this shows signs of age. There is some sediment and the rim shows a slight brownish tint. On the nose, the fruit is still very alive! A mix of dark and red fruits are the predominate feature but secondary characteristics of mushrooms, leather and damp earth are riding shotgun. On the palate, dried dark and red fruits with mushrooms. The finish is long and satisfying…almost candied in a way. The wonderful structure that McHenry wines are known for has done its job and there’s still life in this bottle and worked very well with the meal.

If you’re still reading this, I should share that McHenry Vineyard suffered heavy damage due to the CZU Lightning Complex fires. The winery, one of the dwellings, their well system and their entire library was lost. The vineyard itself sustained some damage but should be okay. The 2020 crop is a complete write-off. That being said, they were able to secure some fruit from the Christie Vineyard in Corralitos so there will be a small 2020 vintage after all. The family’s heart remains bound to this land up on Bonny Doon and their special vineyard. They are already in the process of rebuilding and I, for one, am very much looking forward to drinking their wines long into the future.
— 10 months ago

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Jay Kline

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@Ira Schwartz thanks for reading!! ✊🏽
David T

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Nice story. It’s unfortunate the tragedies that can befall producers. It made think back to my trip to Alsace in 2015. Hearing their stories of phylloxera in the latter 1800’s and German tanks rolling over their vineyards in WWI & WWII. That’s a lot unfortunate replanting. Cheers! 🍷
Jay Kline

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@David T no doubt...the lives of farmers. One of the reasons why the Hochar family are hero’s of mine.