Lichen Estate

Lichen Estate

Grand Cuvee Sparkling Blend 2012

Serious bubbles. 4yr on Lees. Rich and deep without being flabby. Impressed! — 2 years ago

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Lichen Estate

Solera Volume 2 Pinot Noir 2017

Bottle two at home with wifey! — 3 years ago

Peter Lauer

Faß 25 Ayler Riesling 2016

Gothic and elemental, for rumination. Smells of lichen and rainfall. — 4 years ago

Weingut Schwaab-Kiebel

Erdener Treppchen Spätlese Riesling 1993

This is wine from Steilen country.

Layers of fruit. Cantaloupe, banana, apple, honey. Petrol, lichen, forest floor. Funky, old. Yes!!
— 5 years ago

Lichen Estates

Anderson Valley Blanc de Noir Pinot Noir 2015

The aroma on this particular bottle made me deliriously happy. Maybe it was the new glassware but I felt like this was so much more alive than the last bottle of the same. I love that the bubble size isn’t insanely small so it’s refreshing without burning, and then I always feel like there’s a bit of a wildflower/grassy element to these that feels soft and drinkable. — 2 years ago

Cigar City Brewing

Invasion Tropical Pale Ale

A feast of perfect amber teetering between translucence and opacity, well built like a manor whose dissolution laces with cobwebs, diagonally climbing vines and lichen. Spartan tastes of pineapple, lime, clementine and apricot appear as disembodied as faint memories and spirits swept like spindrift into blue skies above brine. Lime pith and lemon oils stir in grapefruit eddies. Just a glimpse of bitter lime and guava sail the far horizon. — 3 years ago

Lichen Estate

Anderson Valley White Pinot Noir 2016

Light pineapple color in the glass with thin edges. Beautiful nose of peaches, pears, and Granny Smith apples. White Pinot, always interesting stuff. Some treat it as a fashionable fad but luckily this ain’t that. Definitely a fun wine but also a serious one. Crisp, ultra refreshing acidity and weight. The palate follows the nose with more citrus fruit. Lemon peel, bright pears, fresh cut lawn, and more apples. The finish has plenty of tang but is a bit short for me. All in all, a fun and refreshing pour. — 4 years ago

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This sounds lovely! Good description notes. 🥂


*descriptive ☺

Drew Family Cellars

Morning Dew Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017

Anderson Valley in a glass: vineyards shrouded in coastal fog, redwood groves, overgrown apple orchards (wildflowers, moss, lichen, tall grass, mushrooms, etc). Tension and purity. Pretty cranberry, spice and citrus on the finish. Third time I’ve had this wine and it still proves to be one of the best (balanced, complete, memorable) Pinots I’ve had all year. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 — 3 years ago

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Matt Perlman

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I only drink Pinot if there’s both moss AND lichen in it


Cigar City Brewing Collaboration Brew Wayne’s World Blonde Ale

Chunky blonde monkey! This tangy orangutan is riddled with bits of grits! It had a big blonde head and was like an orange freshly peeled with pith, fossilized, and amber singing of grapefruit days and juniper nights; black pepper and cedar chiming in with rosemary and chive. Really slaps your tongue with the Gin-ny Juniper...Secondary notes of grapefruit, orange, lemon seed, coriander and grapefruit pith chatter and whoop as your face is lovingly eaten. The gibberish and screeching grows to a crescendo as the juniper raises its cedar cudgel covered in lichen and wild yeast, cinnamon and clove and just a bay leaf or two, and warmly drums your taut torso while your consciousness clouds like the thick detritus of its last sips. Your limbs pull away with ease as the troop joins the rhythmic frenzy. ‘Why are you hitting yourself?’ their warm starlit eyes suggest with just a little mischief. You know why. — 3 years ago

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Must have been something else in there too lol
David Kline

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They throw the kitchen sink in beers these days, so really could have been an Albert Hoffman moment, lol.

Lichen Estates

Lichen Estate Pinot Gris 2015

Erik Helms

Straightforward nose of Bartlett pear, intoxicating tropical fruit, and clear oak nuance expressed as vanilla, nutmeg, and clove. Palate is balanced beautifully and has it all. Acid, the right amount of RS, fresh coconut and mango all focused and well structured. Lengthy, complex, enjoyable. Only $22! — 5 years ago

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A 9.5 Pinot Gris? 🤷🏻‍♀️