Domaine Economou

Oikonomoy Sitia Liatko 2006

Jeremy Shanker

Unlike any sweet wine I’ve ever had. So cool — 15 hours ago

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Diamantakis Winery

Petali Liatiko 2018

Cherry, liquorice and leather in what is a surprisingly light wine. Very lovely, medium bodied and fruity. Yes to the mild gingerbread spice. — 6 months ago

Daskalaki Winery (Silva Wines)

Psithiros Red Blend

Very unique dry red. Earth floor, old world style wine — 2 years ago

Oikonomou Winery

Crete Liatiko Rosé 2014

Wild, earthy, dried red fruits and dried flowers, Pinot-like body, yeast, funk. Remember loving this last summer, evolving in a very interesting direction, a rose worth following — 4 years ago

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Liatiko 2018

A. R.

Fascinating wine. Sort of a blend of a Chianti and a village burgundy....sour cherry and roses, a little funk, high acid, med high tannin. Quite good. 12.50€ — a month ago

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Agelakis Winery

Cornelia Syrah Blend 2016

Souda bay, Greece. Dry & perfect. Less than 20 euro — 2 years ago

Toplou Monastery

Liatiko-Mandilaria Blend

Not bad at all — 3 years ago

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Domaine Douloufakis

Dafnios Crete Liatiko 2017

Awesome texture and minerality, gives you contrast to fruit without being chalky — 4 months ago

Ayrarakis Wines

Kedros Liatiko Rosé Blend 2019

lovely 🇬🇷 rose from indigenous liatko grape.

creamy unripe red fruit with grapefruit pith and peel.
— 7 months ago

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Ayrarakis Wines

Aggelis Liatiko Red Dry Wine 2017

One of my favorite (young) liatikos ever. Super bright acidity. — 2 years ago