Giorgi Platino

Giorgi Revazashvili's Marani

Chinuri Goruli Mtsvane Blend 2017

Perhaps the strangest white blend I’ve ever had, but still good. Also food friendly and had good minerality. First time with Mtsvane and Chinuri. — 3 years ago


Il Bandito dalla Vigna Costamaria Riesling

Smoky pear, yellow apples, fresh cut hay on a verdant farm the day after a rain. Lemon croissant with a brush of glazed sugar, lemon zest, chive, and satin petals of azalea outline the perfume. There is a freshness of clean, laundered, sun-dried whites. Medium mouthfeel with distinct white pepper, extra virgin oil, tart apple, lemon essences, peach skin, culminating in a silky dryness, full of tangerine and kumquat piths. Serve with substantive fare, and spiciness. It has the unction! #oltrepopavese #giorgi #CannetoPavese #bianco #Riesling #rieslingfix #italianwines #italianwhite #italianwhitewine — 4 years ago

L.A. Cetto

Angelo Cetto Reserva Platino

Sabores a vainilla son fuertes pero mejor tomar con comidas — 5 months ago


Oltrepò Cruase Classico Rosé

Guava and raspberry nose with a briny foam. Light, leesy and slightly creamy. Lovely triple-pith of tangerine lemon and new orange. Pepper, and lemon finish. #Giorgi #oltrepopavese #italianwines #sparklingwine — 4 years ago

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Jose Cuervo

Reserva de la Familia Platino Tequila

Super smooth great flavor. Awes on me tequila — 7 months ago


T.O.P Zero Dosaggio Metodo Classico Spumante

Funky bunch bordering on sulfur dissipated to well water, then to a buttery jasmine with notes of grapefruit zest and desert nettle. Ripe, gelatinous citrus lineup of grapefruit, lime, lemon, persimmon and yeast-wheat bread with a dry, gingery,substantial finish. #Giorgi #bubbles #topzero #GiorgiTopZero #sparklingwine #OltrepoPavese #italianwines #Italian #wine #northernitalianwines — 3 years ago


Tre Donne Clilele Buttafuoco Barbera Blend

Olive tapenade, wet leather, ripe red plum and black cherry tart, cola with dark rose aromas. Medium mouthfeel with currants, dried black cherry, black olive, button portobello mushroom. Firmly tannic, with a dried violet, and bitter blood orange/pekoe. #northernitalianwines #barbera #croatina #buttafuoco #italianredwine #TreDonne #Giorgi — 4 years ago