La Garagista

Harlots & Ruffians White Blend

Blend of hybrid varieties Frontenac Gris (25%) and La Crescent (75%) from a vineyard in Vergennes, in the Champlain Valley (Vermont). Very good, complex. You could not tell these are hybrid varieties — 4 months ago

Wild Mountain Winery

Frontenac Rosé

Mike K

Nicely balanced, a little on the sweet side but overall very good flavor. Enjoyed quite a bit. — 3 years ago

Pinard & Filles

Frangin Vin Rouge Marquette Frontenac Gris

Quebec? I know, right? I would love to do a blind test with some wine profesh and see what s/he says. Extraordinary subtlety. — 5 years ago

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Lincoln Peak Vineyard

Limestone Vermont Frontenac Blanc LaCrescent 2016

A really tasty and surprising white that is initially quite tropical but finishes with more precision than one might have expected. This is the second wine I've ever had from Vermont and am impressed. Thanks @Julia Geisler for sharing. — 6 years ago

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Lieutenant de Sigalas

Sauternes White Bordeaux Blend 2000

Dessert wine at Chateau Frontenac — 2 years ago

Flying Otter Winery

Frontenac 2014

Rating for the Marquette, which was actually the grape which is a relative of Pinot, but nothing really like a Pinot. But I really liked it! Spicy, almost Syrah-ish, with nice velvety tannins. — 2 years ago

Natasha Bray
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Ryan Colthorp

Ryan Colthorp

That name is so Michigan.

Vignoble 1292

Vin Rouge Marquette Frontenac 2015

Fruité et généreux,excellent! vignoble québécois — 6 years ago

Giacomo Ascheri

Barolo Nebbiolo 2016

Had this at Chateau Frontenac, with our third course. Lovely, and full bodied. — 2 years ago

North Branch Vineayrds

Frontenac Gris 2018

I was genuinely impressed by this Vermont Frontenac Gris, which drinks like a juicy Riesling and even had some Chenin characteristics—bright orchard fruit, lively acidity, and a surprisingly tasty dose of RS — 4 years ago

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Jay Kline

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Whoa...that’s off the beaten path for sure. I’ve had my share of Frontenac but never a Gris.
Andrew Lohse

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It’s actually quite good!