Flor Do Tua

Quinta do Crasto

Flor De Crasto Douro Red Blend 2020


Ruby purple in colour. Dark fruits aroma. A little spice, mild tannins with dark stone fruits and a slight smoky hint too.

Enjoyable on its own and with homemade ham and mozzarella pizza.
— 2 months ago

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Cheers! You make your own ham? 🙂


Ah, @Trixie sorry no, that's an error. Homemade pizza dough with some fab locally sourced cheeses and ham.


Still sounds delightful!🍕

Tua Rita

Toscana Syrah 2007

Who thinks of Rhône when speaking of Italian wine makers. Hmmm. No too many i assume. If you love Rhône the way i do, you need this in your collection. @tuaritawines Kill it with this masterpiece. A skunk seems to have hibernated in the bottle. Charcuterie and macerated cherry evolve to this silky mouthfeel. It doesn’t stop there with this 20-30 second finish. This ‘07 is in prime form and delivered on all notes. More please — 3 years ago

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Inocente Macharnudo Vineyard Fino Palomino Fino

Mind Blowing! For a fino sherry, the depth and complexity of this wine is unrivaled. This is THE benchmark for all Finos. The previous reviews do a great job describing the taste. This is the only Fino that still follows traditional methods - aged under flor for 8 - 10 years in an oak Solera. Oh - and the palomino grapes all come from a single vineyard as well. Honestly, there is no better fino than this. Drink it with a plate of smoked ham and almonds or some strong tasting sushi. Enjoy! — 4 years ago

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Bodegas Cota 45

Ube de Ubérrima Miraflores Palomino Fino 2019

Palomino from Sanlucar de Barameda raised in Bota w flor. Unfortified. 12°
N:White Flowers, White Chalk, Green pears and apples.Straw,Some seashore.
P: If you do not like acidity, stay back!
Pears/Apples, mineral wash, Very bright. Granny Smith.
An interesting Iberian match for Kimchi pancakes, chili shrimp and Black rice.
— 7 months ago

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Rey Fernando de Castilla

Antique Fino Sherry

Oh my! Where do you begin?
N: Go down to the pier and get yourself a bag of salted, buttered, nuts. Saline butterscotch, with mold(good)around the edges.Oranges and flowers, Almonds.
P: Saline, Iodine, brown butter, viscous on the tongue with a long sharp acidic, citrus finish. Marvelous. There’s tobacco and wood when you hold it in your mouth and take in air.
Double fortified to 17°, winter, heavy flor.
— a year ago

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Dominio de Pingus

Flor de Pingus Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2016

Glorious though a BABY! Please don’t do what I did. Wait! 5 yrs minimum. — 3 years ago

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Laura Lorenzo

DaTerra Viticultores Portela do Vento Blanco 2018

Sherry like (no flor or oxidation but you can taste the salty palomino in there). Neutral lemon flavors, some bruised yellow apple, lots of nuttiness on the nose, slight bitter almond and olive brine on the finish. Excellent choice with souvlaki and fries. ❤️ Galicia ❤️ — 8 months ago

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Domaine Macle

Côtes du Jura Chardonnay Savagnin 2015

Youngish at sub 10 I suppose for a sav/chard under flor, but this is orgasmic. Worrying feeling ethat 2015 was a sub par year (cold? Wet?) And yet, here we are. Manzanilla salt lick at the end after a second or two is the party piece, apricots, smokey almonds, and all the usual Jura good things beneath. Was introduced to this by the sommelier in spanglais, with me deploying my most broken franglais. Miracles do happen. — a year ago

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Chris Haywood

Chris Haywood

Memory failed me, 2015 a decent vintage for Ch and sav. Makes sense!

Vale da Corça

Encostas do Tua Douro Touriga Nacional 2011

Dark blue fruit gives notes similar to granache . But oh that salinity. Almost too much — 4 years ago

Nancy SlagowitzElizabeth Von Trout
with Nancy and Elizabeth
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