Fer Servadou

Lasseter Family Winery

Chemin de Fer Grenache Blend 2016

Dark fruit, leather chocolate with a velvety texture. — 8 months ago

Château Taillefer

Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend 2018

Good Pomerol from one of the appellation’s largest estates, with around 12 hectares on the southern part of the Pomerol plateau, in an area known for its iron-rich clay subsoils. Known locally as “crasse de fer” or iron dirt, this type of subsoils have a high content of iron-oxide, which gives Pomerol wines their characteristic aromatic richness. It was also the inspiration for the estate’s name (“taille fer” translates to “carve the iron”). 81% Merlot and 19% Cabernet Franc, aged for 12 months in oak barrel (40% new). Aromas of dark fruit, plums, chocolate and earthy notes. Full-bodied, rich and concentrated. Noticeable tannins. — 2 years ago

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Nicolas Carmarans

Fer de Sang Aveyron Fer Servadou 2021

A unicorn red that did a Beaujo parlor trick with all sorts of fish at a lovely Brklyn restaurant. Fresh, red fruited, hibiscus but just enough grip & complexity to keep things interesting — 4 months ago

Owen Mazon
with Owen
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Daniel M

Daniel M

Love fer servadou 😍 !

Clos Saint Jean

Deus Ex Machina Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend 2008

Je pourrais décrire cette bouteille comme une main de fer dans gant de velour, à la 1ere lampée le vin semble sévère mais il s’ouvre en bouche avec des touches de fumée, poivrée, herbacé, cassis c’est quand me complexe, velouté, belle acidité qui garde tout en place. In a great place right now! — 2 years ago

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Stephane Lucas

le Champ d'Orphée Fer Servadou

Night of interesting wines. Great pairing with a burger. Nice acid. Juicy but not in a cloying way at all. — 6 months ago

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Le Champ d'Orphée

Papillon d'Orphée Fer Servadou 2021

Big and bold. Perfect for a cold night and a big meal. — a year ago