Cognac Tesseron

Château de Montifaud

X.O. Silver Cognac

NV | My night cap — 20 days ago

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Pierre Ferrand

Ambré Grande Champagne 1er Cru de Cognac

I don't have enough Cognac experience yet for a proper rating but I really like this. Very earthy, cool soil tones (trying not to say basement floor) in the aroma. Butterscotch and caramelized tones on the tongue. A pleasant experience. — 3 months ago


Vintage Madeira Sercial 1977

Smashing! So harmonious and relatively pure/clean. VA adds the perfect lift, balanced components throughout. Keen acid, so youthful in its vibrancy and life. Almost Scotch-esqe with its peaty/earthy tones. It’s spiced, like walking through an exotic spice market. The length and finish incredible, wrapping everything up with roasted walnuts, honey, and succulent dried fruit. Drinks like a great aged Cognac or Armagnac. — 3 years ago

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Blason de France Champagne Blend 1966

Here I am outdone again. My friend brings a legendary 1966. Impeccable provenance. This is champagne cognac at its best — 7 days ago

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Cognac XO Aged 25 Years

GILAVAR Cognac XO Aged 25 Years from Azerbaijan — 7 months ago

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Dom Pérignon

Brut Champagne Rosé 2006

The final wine at the Dom Perignon dinner last Friday night except for a little glass of Hennessy Cognac where I forgot to make notes. The same lovely Salmon/Pink as the 2005. This was more immediately loveable than the 2005 with delicious red fruits - warm and fleshy - sunshine in a glass. An absolute crowd pleaser but shorter term than the 2005. — 9 months ago

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Château d'Orignac

Pineau des Charentes

Perfect light dessert wine — 3 years ago

Jakob Tennstedt


-Rugged Riesling-

Served with the Vinloq System
👀Dark yellow golden honey. Unfiltered
👃Sour citrus, wax, savory herbs with tea & mint
👅Honeyed, candied stone fruit. Ripe apples. Very herbal with pronounced acidity. Salty. The finish is dry, long, & delicious
So interesting. So expressive. Superb clarity. Singular flavor profile likely due to botrytis and long elevage. Just…wow

The remaining wine was Slow Decanted with Vinloq & refrigeration

Sampled this on 2 more occasions

DAY 15
👃Bold, distinctive & precise
👅Probably would not guess riesling in a blind tasting. Tea, cognac & sherry all make appearances. Bruised/ripe apple is only perceived sweetness
Virtually unchanged in 15 days. Feels very sturdy. Probably would be an interesting wine to cellar.

Jakob Tennstedt is a new winemaker in the Mosel. He biodynamically farms 50-100 year old vines he restored on steep blue slate terraces. This wine was so laborius to make that he will not do it again. I am glad I was able to try it this time and it gives me motivation to try his other wines🥂

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— 2 months ago

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20 Years Old Cognac

Had it with Tony. Zero complaints. Pretty damn perfect — 9 months ago


Signature Ugni Blanc Pineau des Charentes

Белое вино. Пила у папы, но другого производителя. — 3 years ago