Château Rayas

Château Rayas

Château Des Tours Réservé Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend 2012

I bought this bottle 5 years ago for 16 EUR and I'm not sure about the current pricetag but man what a bargain it was. I had to dig deep into my cellar to pull this one but I'm so glad I did..
This is unlike anything I know from that region.
The nose is blood orange and olive and garrigue. The palate is magnificent. A very strong acid backbone, a very dry mouthfeel with those blood orange notes all along. A huge width and an soft mouthfeel, a power house of a mid palate with carressing tannins which create a drying layer, and eventually a very long, everlasting finish with that blood orange note which turns into blood orange peel in the end with a tiny bitter twist. This is greatness before my eyes (and tastebuds)
— 10 days ago

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Daniel M

Daniel M

Correction : 21 EUR

La Pialade de Rayas

Côtes du Rhône Grenache Blend 2014

Coloring is like jura trousseau, practically translucent. Tart, citrus, still very youthful. — 3 days ago

Bodega Comando

Rumbo al Norte Garnacha

So many things in this wine. Piercing nose of jam and iron. Cloudy and medium in color. Balanced palate with great length and rich texture. Blood wine of great intensity. Like Rayas. A baby at 10 years. From magnum. Epic wine. — 9 days ago

Château Rayas

Réservé Pignan Châteauneuf-du-Pape Grenache 2008

Beautiful. Brown rim, dark Cherry, herbs, and some smokiness on the nose and palate. Beautiful soft tannins, and beautifully balanced. As always, the most southern Bourgogne available on the market — 15 days ago

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Château Rayas

Château de Fonsalette Réservé Côtes du Rhône White Rhône Blend

Jaune soutenu
Nez écorce de agrume épicé
Bouche ample dense fraîche
Belle longueur en finale sur des notes grillées
— 17 days ago

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Chateau de Fonsalette

Réservé Côtes du Rhône Red Rhône Blend 2001

Alex Lallos

Off the charts fantastic. Rustic and started off slightly muted but then evolved into rayas magic of lightly burnt earth, bright cranberry and gravel. What a wine! Built in body and complexity with air. Thanks @Lee Lightfoot — 22 days ago

Lee Lightfoot
with Lee
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Tom Casagrande

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I don’t think I’ve ever even seen the Syrah bottling. From this photo, the front label looks identical to the Grenache-based bottling. Does the back label say “Syrah”?
Alex Lallos

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It’s definitely Grenache but I must’ve clicked an identified wine that was Mis listed by a previous user
Lee Lightfoot

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Rayas warm sandy earthy garrigue nose, red Grenache fruit still has another ten years to develop, special special stuff

Château Rayas

Réservé Châteauneuf-du-Pape Grenache Blend 2001

Robe brunie
Nez puissant entre animal, guarigue
Réglisse, santal et encens
— 10 days ago

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Château Rayas

Château Des Tours Réservé Côtes du Rhône White Rhone Blend 2011

2011....excellent. vin mature qui en donne beaucoup!!! — 8 days ago

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Château Rayas

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Grenache 2007

The wine has evolved much more than I thought it would. Color has dropped out significantly. Still a very good medium bodied rayas but drink now. Elegance of 100 pct Grenache still absolutely there. Drinking coche and reynauld next to eachother is a rare treat. — a month ago

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Bodega Cuatro Rayas

Cuarenta Cuvee Vendimias Verdejo 2017


When a relatively inexpensive wine, that was made well with good grapes evolves into something amazing! This was an unexpected surprise. Most #verdejo is thought of as seasonal and no shelf life but this is killing it right now. #rueda #spain — 2 months ago

Rosario Molina
with Rosario
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