Boyle Macdonald

Detert Family Vineyards

Oakville Cabernet Franc 2004

Oakville proper. Bang next to Macdonald..... — 2 years ago

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Rob Brobst III

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@Shay A @Eric S yes my bad. Tom not Bob. This is what happens when you drink a whole bottle of your wine by yourself. You forget their names ha ha LOL

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@Rob Brobst III lol and I will take you up on that. My email is No rush.
David L

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Soooo want too

Weingut Nik Weis

St. Urbans-Hof Saar Riesling 2016

Popped this after a recent discussion with @Ian Macdonald comparing notes on St. Urbans-Hof. A needed check in of the 2016 vintage in the Mosel as well. A daily drinking pick-up from my last trip to Bottle Barn (Santa Rosa, CA).
8.5% abv
A.P. = 3 529 290 14 17
— 4 years ago


Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Birthday dinner. Just so damn fresh and delicious! — 5 years ago

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Realm Cellars

Beckstoffer To-Kalon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Shay A

A few wines from last week’s 4th Friday event!

The sheer opulence of this is astounding. Obviously young, this was actually my first Realm BTK courtesy of
@Keith Fisher . When thinking back to the last stunning 2016 BTK I had (MacDonald), where the MacDonald is more dusty, slightly more herbal and full of tightly coiled BTK power, this was an embarrassment of rich dark fruits, baking spices and sporting a creme de cassis like profile. Classic To Kalon power, with so much to unpack. Thank you, Keith!
— 3 years ago

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Shay A

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@Bryan Kesting : It was, but it was so much more flavor packed at pop and pour than I expected. If you’ve got multiple, open one to enjoy as an experiment. But if you’ve only got one, definitely hold for at least 5yrs.
Joshua Fisher

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How was your napa valley trip?
Shay A

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@Joshua Fisher : It was fantastic! Wonderful stops and great weather. I’ll be popping the Brasswood chard you gave me tomorrow night for a monthly wine group I’m in. Theme is Chardonnay.

Scholium Project

Glos McDowell Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2007

Named Anastasis for its “resurrection” in the cellar after fermentation issues. From low-yielding Sauv Blanc vines near Rutherford that were pulled after the 2013 vintage. Sherry notes, with some apple, nut and yellow jujube character. If you go in thinking Jura, you will enjoy this more than if you go in thinking California. Interesting wine. Only about 14 cases, hand bottled by @Graeme MacDonald and @Johanna Jensen according to Abe’s notes. Interesting that I will have consumed about 4% of total production by the time I finish my bottles. — 4 years ago

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Bodegas Muga

Gran Reserva Prado Enea Rioja Tempranillo 2009

A delicious gift from James MacDonald — 5 years ago

Bevan Cellars

Tench Vineyard EE Red Blend 2015

Shay A

Heck of a hosting by @Weston Eidson last night for the City Club wine group. All wines were tasted blind.

When tasting next to the MacDonald, it was incredible how much more ripe fruit was present here. I mean, straight up oozing blackberries and blueberries. I pondered if there could even be Malbec in this based on how inky and juicy it was at the core. I went back and forth between calling this Australian Cabernet or Howell Mountain Zinfandel. There was Andes mint and fig with a rich finish. I had the ‘16 during my visit earlier this year and found it to have a touch more savory notes.
— 3 years ago

joe leatherwoodDan FitzgeraldJeff Meyer
with joe, Dan and 2 others
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Dark Waves

Central Coast Red Blend

Tannins grapefruit. More subttle fruit flavors. Boyle loved it — 3 years ago

Château Gruaud Larose

Saint-Julien Red Bordeaux Blend 1978

Lots of fun. @Ian Macdonald opened a stunner and then proceeded to take all my money on the poker table. This wine carries all the richness my wallet once had. — 5 years ago

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François Pinon

Cuvée Tradition Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2007

Mason Balistreri

6 hours deep into a thanksgiving debate on the importance of natural wine, trump, sulfites, norm macdonald, and why vouvray always smells like peanut brittle. — 6 years ago

Raymond Domenico
with Raymond
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Natural wine is more important than Trump.