Barkan Vineyards

Barkan Vineyards

The Beta Series Bar Giora Single Vineyard Riesling 2018

terrible days in Israel.

an Israeli off dry riesling and that's a change.

11% abv

medium to full body.
high acidity.

white flowers, lemon rind and leaves, lime, peach, green apple peel and hints of ginger.

on it's own sweetness is hinted.
combined with not too spicy indian style veggie take away it felt much sweeter and lifted the cuisine.

medium 🎯

very interesting. feels like a good but not great kabinett german Riesling.

great vfm @ 80 nis.
— a month ago

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Love Israeli wine

Barkan Vineyards

Special Edition Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Oaky and undeveloped but well worth enjoying — 4 years ago

D'Aun GobleRachel Goble
with D'Aun and Rachel
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Barkan Vineyards

Supérieur Merlot

Непрозрачное с кирпичным оттенком, в аромате вяленая черешня, вишня, танины какие то размазанные, но вкус сбалансированный, питкое. Держать не надо, мне кажется что свой пик недавно прошло. — 5 years ago

Barkan Vineyards

The Beta Series Judean Foothills Single Vineyard Colombard 2018

(French) colombard used to be the most planted white variety in Israel. used as the white blend workhorse. lost it's popularity a few decades ago and now being used again.

most winemakers consider it a fresh not to be aged crisp week day quality sipper.
this is my second try, the other one was ok-ish.

11.5% abv

high acidity.
light body.

apricot, peach, grated 🍋peel and a hint of nuttines. maybe a guava slight memory.

balanced and interesting.

medium + 🎯

had it on it's own by the pool while vacationing in the dead sea desert area.

lovely sipper and great vfm (79 nis)
— 2 months ago

Barkan Vineyards

Classic Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot 2013

Well done Israel, well done. — 4 years ago

Barkan Vineyards

Classic Malbec

An amazing cab! Full bodied, sweet to the nose & palate! Incredible especially for the great low price! Get this one! — 5 years ago

Barkan Vineyards

Classic Merlot-Argaman 2017

Such a beautiful sweet flavor with a nice full undertone. — 5 months ago

Barkan Vineyards

Classic Petite Sirah 2016

Pours deep, inky red with a glossy sheen. Nose is ripened berries and earth. Nose doesn't last too long once poured. Initial tasting is slightly sour, with green apple peel, cherries and Some oak in the background along with leather and some dark chocolate. Dry and peppery with a relatively long finish of red currants and some plums, some alcohol comes through. Would be better in 5-8 years — 9 months ago

Barkan Vineyards

Premieur Emerald Riesling-Colombard Blend

Refreshing white before dinner and drinks in Tel Aviv. Trump seemed to follow me all the way to Israel. — 4 years ago

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