A Tribute To Grace Wines

A Tribute to Grace Wines

Santa Barbara County Grenache 2017

Translucent ruby. Baked cherry & strawberry flavors on the palate with dried tobacco leaf on finish. Elegant, medium bodied, with bright acidity . Good balance. Not fat or flabby, over ripe or jammy. Impressive. Too bad it was my only bottle! — 2 days ago

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Il Molino di Grace

Riserva Chianti Classico Sangiovese 2015

Took a bit to open up but great. Notes of plum, cherry, grape and oak. Great with pasta — 12 days ago

A Tribute to Grace Wines

Santa Barbara Highlands Grenache 2018

High toned. Cranberry & pomegranate lead to some richer raspberry notes. The nose shows similar character, but adds a spiciness as it takes on air. She is truly a Grenache whisperer. Love it in every vintage and this one delivers beautifully. — 2 months ago

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Joe Davant

Joe Davant

We got to taste with her last summer and loved the entire range. Awesome stuff.

A Tribute to Grace Wines

Santa Barbara Highlands Rosé of Grenache 2019

Fresh and delicious! — 2 months ago

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A Tribute to Grace Wine Company

Thompson Vineyard Grenache 2018

@Delectable Wine this is the Thompson Vineyard Grenache. Electric & energetic. Raspberry & tarragon all night long on the palate. The nose is the freshest red berries you smell all summer. Few producers connect to Grenache like Angela Osborne. — 7 days ago

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Joe Davant

Joe Davant

She’s amazing. We tasted with her last summer and fell in love with her wines.

Fall Line Winery

Balance Grace Depth Artz Vineyard Cabernet Franc Blend 2013

This has such a aromatic nose of alpine strawberry pie..

Medium to heavier bodied this mostly Cab Franc shines with boysenberry, the slightest hint of vanilla, herbs of thyme, saffron. Little acidity, and the tannins have faded as well. A very clean wine, and a winery worth stocking.
Another winner from Washington state.
— 24 days ago

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Nice post and lovely garden harvest!
MaJ CappS

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@Trixie 🍷 cheers! The Mrs. Decided it was time for the carrots to come out, before the rabbits got them. :)


Wise lady! We have a rabbit who likes eating bird seed in our yard.🐇

Renato Ratti

Marcenasco Barolo Nebbiolo 2015

Have several ‘15, decided to open 1. Located halfway up the hill dominating principal valley of Barolo, lined by vineyards, lies a precious 15th century Abbey of Annunziata. Medium Ruby with complex aromas of ripe berry fruits and fresh floral scents. On the palate the palate cherry, tobacco and fresh herbs give this full-body wine grace and elegance. Soft fine tannins on a well balanced frame makes this wine enjoyable today as well as have room to run over the next decade. 50th Anniversary! — 21 days ago

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Heirloom Grace Benoist Ranch Pinot Noir 2014

This is the last one of these. It's been 4 years since opening the last one as I thought this could use some time. Man, the time has really done this one well. I am actually a fan of this producer with regard to their budget pinot. 20 bucks and you get a good crowd-pleaser. Although I don't know if I would buy this since my palate has changed since purchasing these, I have to respect this for being a great higher end pinot that does showcase Carneros pinot very well. Still has a lot of robust, sweet raspberry fruit almost like a raspberry tea Graham cracker. A very rounded front. Just about as full-bodied as traditional Pinot gets. A little bit of mint, herbs. Finishes with very good acidity but the acidic nature is starting to fade. This was consumed all by itself, so it actually was a very nice characteristic as it allowed the raspberry to fade out a bit and not end so abruptly. I wouldn't trust this one to really drink so well three or four years from now. But it is really good now! — 25 days ago

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A Tribute to Grace Wines

Vie Caprice Vineyard Grenache 2016

The Grenache whisperer waved her magic wand again to make a fantastic wine. Darker and deeper than her Provisor Vineyard Grenache, but still clean, pure, and light on its feet. Strawberries on the palate with geraniums in the nose. Solid acidity makes this food friendly and a joy to drink. Enjoyed this with a slight chill on a warm summer evening. — a month ago

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Savage Grace

Dineen Vineyard Côt

Fresh red fruit and pepper...a pleasant contrast to much of Washington State Malbec. — a month ago