A Tribute To Grace Wines

A Tribute to Grace Wines

Santa Barbara County Grenache 2015

Highlight wine of the evening. Beautiful color. Cranberry and strawberry with perfect blend of light spices. A wonderful complement to the start of a surf and turf meal on the grill. — 22 days ago

A Tribute to Grace Wines

Vie Caprice Vineyard Grenache

Not a powerhouse, but a knockout nonetheless. — a month ago


Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Very crisp and refreshing. I like my Sauv Blancs with a little more grapefruit; however this is a perfect wine to enjoy by the pool as my vacation slowly comes to an end. Back to work on Monday — 2 months ago

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Sharon B

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@Dawn E. I really did! I love just staying home, relaxing, reading, napping… @Jody Scharf it’s very cool and refreshing right now after all the rain we’ve had!


Tropical paradise! 🏝So inviting! Cheers😃!🥂


Estate Grown Grace Benoist Ranch Pinot Noir 2017

Ming L

Nose opens with raspberry, ripe plum, cherry cola, cinnamon, then turns to dried mushroom, rose petals, and hint of game. The fruits tastes a bit more jammy than the nose suggested, but fresh acidity ensures a still vibrant palate.

Not as good as the 15’, but very solid.
— 2 months ago

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Domaine Aspect Serene

Grace Vineyard -East Facing Slope Pinot Noir 2018

Ron R

Forgot to post from the recent Domain Serene visit. Another outstanding pinot. Single vineyard, with poise and stunning complexity. Approachable now, but needs to sleep for a while. I was ready to drop some plastic, until I heard $210 per… — 16 days ago

Cliff BensonAndrew Moore
with Cliff and Andrew
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Scott Rose

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A bit pricey...
Scott Rose

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So historically, top notch CA/OR chard/pinot producers have been ruffly a third of the cost of equitable/comparable Frenchie Burgundy juice. How does this slot in or (k)not?
Ron R

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@Scott Rose, this is an outstanding pinot. It’s only fault is that it lacks brand recognition (which is no fault, really). But I’m a consumer just like the rest of the sheep, and for that price, I want dancing women, too 🕺🏾😲

Golden Ball

Beechworth Shiraz 2014

Been dying to try this. Continues my love affair with Beechworth Shiraz. Stunning wine, so elegant. Layers of restrained fruit and spice balanced with elegance and grace. So velvety!
I have another bottle which I will keep for 10 more years as this was a puppy.
— 8 days ago

ZD Wines

Abacus Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Mike R

A truly amazing wine @R Bowers - congrats to you and @S Lav for the wonderful experience of celebrating your daughter and son graduation. Bravo my friends - remarkable milestone as a parent - this wine was truly a tribute to all that and beyond - If you not had this wine you don’t know what your missing - I promise this is a marvelous experience - vintage 12 — 2 months ago

R BowersS Lav
with R and S
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Ron R

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@R Bowers, you old dog, sincere congratulations. I’m still gonna open up a can of whoop ass on you when we get on the lake.
R Bowers

R Bowers

Come on down and let’s do it!!! Open invitation buddy!!!

A Tribute to Grace Wines

Hofer Vineyard Grenache 2019

What can I say I love anything Angela makes, and the new Tribute to Grace tasting room in Los Alamos is a gem. My Dad declared this was his favorite wine ever and my mom is from nearby Cucamonga, so let’s just say everyone was happy. For that reason, wine of our trip out west after not seeing the folks for 18 months. As always, just incredibly elegant Grenache, light on its feet, but not without its nuanced power — a month ago

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Thanks! I’m in Los Olivos right now and was wondering whether I should go there! Will wander up later today…
Ben Lehman

Ben Lehman

@Kamall That’s awesome! Well worth the stop! And bell’s restaurant down the road is very good


Nierstein Trocken Riesling 2020

Lyle Fass

Wow. The KG “Molsheim.” Just a stunning nose of lime zest, white pepper, herbs, some complex citrus, herbs again but more pronounced. Just awesome palate. Amazing texture and grace. Such amazing spread on the palate. Nose now getting gingerbread, spice, pound cake, but the ginger is out of hand. Stunning. Deep, ripe, complex and concentrated. Seems a bit closed though initially and I know it has more to say. Finish is long and clings to the palate. Great acidity and it is caressing. Glorious purity and depth — 7 days ago

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Brabants Heidebier


NV This beer is a tribute to the grouse (korhoen) that does not live any more on the Brabant heather. Enriched with blossom of the heather and heather honey. — a month ago

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