Sheridan Vineyard

L'Orage Red Bordeaux Blend 2015

Ripe black fruit, cedar, toasted brioche, cinnamon, nutmeg, and other baking spices. Easy to love; pop and pour variety. Delish Washington Cab blend from #yakimavalley #sheridanvineyard #lorage #washingtonwines #tgif — 9 months ago

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Merlot 2012

Friday night Merlot. Yakima valley, 12.5% alcohol - intriguing. Bonair has been making wine out of Rattlesnake Hills since 1985. An AVA of Yakima Valley (which is an AVA of Columbia Valley), since 2006, Rattlesnake Hills is well situated for sun, dryness (<10 inches rainfall per year), and silty-loam soils, that, if grown properly, grapes can be coaxed to produce excellent flavor. This wine was picked up for two reasons: (1) it was on sale, and (2) I need to keep drinking WA/OR wine since I live here now. Paired this with an arugula pesto pasta with a lemon-mascopone dressed salad - not the best pairing, but whatever. ~$12 | #yakimavalley
#merlot #bonair

On the eyes: Deep, inky, concentrated, ruby-magenta, med+ stain, med tears, no gas/floc.

On the nose: Black cherry, blueberry, black tea, hint of graham cracker, and vegetal notes (a bit sour, a bit green). Med- alcohol.

On the tongue: Heavy tannins, med alcohol, med+ acid, med+ body. Tart cherry, pomegranate, cedar, violets, white pepper, even a bit of cut grass. Nice delicate flavors that get destroyed by a big punch of tannin though. Drink with food - not a sipping wine.
— 3 years ago

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Mount Baker Vineyards

Cabernet Franc 2010

A lark pick up at Total Wine, because I'm a sucker for Cabernet Franc and the low ABV of 12.6% made me think that this bottle may deliver more than just new world fruit and spice. Established by a retired surgeon, the winery experimented with many varietals until settling on those that do best in the Puget Sound AVA (e.g. Madeleine Angevine, Siegerrebe, Pinot Noir). This Cab Franc was sourced from the Yakima Valley AVA though, known for producing high quality WA wine. Not much else I can tell you about the winemaker, but the grape itself is a wonderful pairing wine as it's acid helps to cut through fatty meals and the tannins are not too assertive even when young. Paired this one with a spicy eggplant and green bean coconut curry! I wish I had more! ~$18 | #cabernetfranc #yakimavalley #mountbakervineyards

On the eyes: Bright, orange-cherry red color, clear with light stain, light tears, no gas/floc.

On the nose: Cherry with hints of black currant and raspberry. Crisp dried leaf notes rounded by gravel. Med- alcohol.

On the tongue: med soft tannins, med alcohol, med acid, med body, nice and round in the mouth. Peppery dried cherry and raspberry, forest floor with petrol notes and tobacco. Nice long pleasant finish. Decant and enjoy this one if you can find it!
— 4 years ago

Fall Line Winery

Yakima Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Pine nettle, dark rye, black pepper, dried mint, oregano, black plum, holly leaf, sweet straw, and dried black currant, aromatically. Lean, medium mouthfeel with a black olive texture and taste leading to, black plum and graphite, fresh cedar, silver, white pepper, flax seed, cinnamon wood, and pistachio husk. #washingtoncab #washingtonwine #washington #yakimavalley #yakima #bousheyvineyard #Artzvineyard #FallLineWinery #cabernetsaugvinon #cabernet #cab #wawine — 3 years ago

Whidbey Island Winery

Yakima Valley Cabernet Franc 2014

Hello dear friends! I apologize for the hiatus, but these things happen, anyways, this bottle purchased from a local QFC, is from Whidbey Island. Whidbey Island winery opened in 1992 and is now a producer of over 3500 cases a year, mainly distributed around Washington State. This 2014 offering won several Seattle specific wine awards. The Cab Franc grape is widely adaptable to many different planting environments, however, if over-cropped or harvested too early, the grape produces more of a green vegetal flavor. This bottle was a great cooking wine and paired well with fresh basil fettuccine with datterini tomatoes and goat cheese. ~$18 | #whidbeyisland #cabernetfranc #yakimavalley

On the eyes: Deep inky garnet, bright, med stain, med tears, no gas/floc.

On the nose: Jammy cherry-blackberry, vegetal notes with a nice gravelly bouquet.

On the tongue: med alcohol, med+ acid, med tannin, med body. Cola, slight sour cherry, black fruit jam, thins out and then the acid starts to rear up. There is some mineralty and green vegetal flavors on the way down. Not to fruity, not to assertive - went great with a tomato based pasta.
— 3 years ago

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Airfield Estates

Yakima Valley Merlot 2012

We visited the Airfield tasting room in Woodinville on our first tasting trip as Seattle transplants - mainly due to the fact that they still, astonishingly, had a five dollar fee for six (heavy) pours. Airfield uses 100% estate grown grapes (27 varietals) out of their 860 acres in Yakima Valley going on now for 40 years. The climate and geography are such that, according to the producer, they do not rely on grafted rootstock. The winery takes it's name due to its proximity to a WWII airbase at the foot of the Rattlesnake Mountains. Of the three styles of Merlot, this one falls into the fruit/tannic bucket. Paired with a brown butter gnocchi. ~$25 | #airfield #merlot #yakimavalley

On the eyes: Deep, opaque, purplish-ruby, med+ stain, med+ tears. No gas/floc.

On the nose: A bit vinuous, blackberry, ripe black plum, violet, a bit of wet slate, med alcohol.

On the tongue: Med acid, med alcohol, med+ tannin, round in the mouth, med body. Blackberry, floral, jammy plum, ending in thick clove. Decent finish.
— 4 years ago

Red Willow Vineyard

Avennia Yakima Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Forgot to mention that this happened recently. Pretty near perfect. #wawine #cabernetsauvignon #yakimavalley — 3 years ago

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Barnard Griffin

Columbia Valley Albariño 2016

Had to pick up a few ingredients at the PCC, and bumped into this lil' cutie. As far as white wines go, I'm a sucker for either high acid (the Albariño) and low acid (the Viognier) - the middle stuff, meh. The Albariño grape is typically grown in Spain and Portugal because it is partial to heat and humidity, but some growers in California and Washington have been experimenting with the old world fruit. Prone to fits of bitterness, like the Viognier, it typically yields stone fruit flavors on the palette. Barnard Griffin has been producing WA wines for over 30 years; this is their third offering of Albariño, (100 cases, 2016). Fruit comes from Crawford vineyard in Yakima Valley AVA. Paired it with homemade cannelloni and romaine salad. Find it and drink it! ~$18 | #barnardgriffin #yakimavalley #albariño

On the eyes: Pale straw yellow, starbright, med stain, med tears, no gas/floc.

On the nose: Intense tropical (passionfruit, mango?) bubblegum notes, coconut, white peach, with hints of sea air, med alcohol.

On the tongue: high acid, med tannin, med alcohol, med body, creamy. No malolactic on this one. Ripe nectarine, and white peach, rainier cherry, orange peel, with hints of caramel on the way down. Cold and warm drinking temps work - flavors will evolve. Enjoy!
— 3 years ago

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Boushey Vineyard Grenache Blanc 2011

Charles (Chad) Bucklin

In nice shape with some tasty fruit. Maybe some hints of skin contact. A touch fat. #syncline #grenacheblanc #yakimavalley #washington #ctbucklinwine — 4 years ago

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Falcon Series Yakima Valley Merlot 2011

A "Wine Wednesday" pick up from the local Total Wine, Kestrel vintners opened their winery back in 1999 and have grown into a 35k case production, focusing mainly on red wine, (Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon). These Merlot were harvested from the Yakima Valley AVA, which makes up ~40% of the viticulture in Washington State. Yakima Valley is typically cooler than the rest of the Colombia Valley which lends most producers to specialize in single clone Chardonnay. This, however, is a Merlot, which is the second most grown grape in Washington and in the early days of Washington viticulture (i.e., the 1980s), helped put Washington on the map as the state produced wonderful Merlot wines even though much of the wine making world viewed the Washington climate incapable of producing full flavored red wines. This particular bottle may not harken to those glory days, but it's still a cheap fruity red that should stand up to most light pasta dishes. ~$16 | #kestrel #yakimavalley #merlot

On the eyes: Deep, opaque, ruby-mahogany red, med+ stain, med+ tears, no gas, floc present.

On the nose: Toasty blackberry and black cherry, licorice and vegetal notes with hints of vanilla. Med alcohol.

On the tongue: Med+ acid, med tannin, med alcohol, med+ round body. Juicy and jammy with blackberry and plum. Oakiness and smoke on the way down. Not very complex with a bit too much acid for my taste, but serviceable table wine.
— 4 years ago