Hessische Staatsweingüter Kloster Eberbach

Rüdesheimer Berg Rottland Riesling Spatlese 1934

#1934 was one of the three best vintages of that decade in #Germany, along with 1937 & 1938.
#Staatsweingut #Rheingaus produced in this era were excellent; especially those from the steep, #slate soil sites of the majestic Rüdesheimer Berg.
This is a perfectly balanced wine when it comes to sweetness versus acidity and in no way a big, fat, syrupy overstated example of late-picked
#Riesling, but rather restrained by comparison...a wine one can easily drink more than one glass of--GRANDIOS!!! #klostereberbach #tba
— 5 years ago

Petra ThieriotWietske Rubow
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Hessische Staatsweingüter Kloster Eberbach

Hattenheimer Engelmannsberg Spätlese Riesling 1971

1971 Hattenheimer Engelmannsberg Spätlese, (#auction) #Staatsweingut-- sensational #Riesling in pristine condition from my favorite 20th century vintage--#Rheingau Riesling doesn't get better than this! — 6 years ago

Petra Thieriot
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