Winter Wines to Keep You Warm

It's the middle of January, and for a lot of us, that means that we are living and drinking in the midst of winter with plenty of chilly days still ahead. What do we drink when we would rather be at the beach? What about those of us who live in warmer climates and don’t have to worry about snow but want to transport ourselves to a winter wonderland through wine? Well, we all know we can drink whatever we want at any time of year because we don’t need to limit ourselves, but which beverage is the best for winter? We have quite a few recommendations. If you’re a fan of white wines and don’t think they are exclusive to warmer weather, check out Ellen Clifford’s article all about winter whites . Ellen shares, “Now that we are officially into the winter chills (happy belated solstice), I still want white wine. It is a matter of extremes. I either desire the rich, the nutty, the honey-layered and lees-y—the wine that fills me with almost too much muchness, like a Christmas cookie gone rogue…OR! I desire: Something so frosty that my snow-hued skin goes a shade of white unbeknownst to vampire-kind. A drink/wine with the pallor yet weight of a vodka martini with ample vermouth, lemon twist and dry ice finish. I’m goth, so I don’t dream of a white Christmas, so much as an ivory solstice. Go fig. For this column we are looking mostly to the first category I named—the full and fuller and fullest of white wines. All with good acid though. Gotta get that cut.” Now if you would like to feel the warmth of springtime in the middle of winter, maybe you should pick up some winter rosés. Ellen saves the day again with her Winter Rosé Wonderland recommendations. According to Ellen, “A rosé can warm you and also chill you so hard you’re hot. And at a holiday party, you may be a hot number in black satin filling the winter night with your warm vibe so hey! Why not spill some rosé? Also recommended in cold climes: a vodka martini with ample vermouth garnished with a lemon peel. Counter intuitively that’s a GREAT freezing cold winter drink. That or one of these rosés is gonna keep you warm. We all deserve rosé AROUND THE SUN. Pink knows nor gender nor season and I am here to prove it. #RoséAllYear.” Ellen has suggestions for traditionally thought warm-weather wines, but what about red wines? Or cocktails perfect for drinking after spending time out in the snow? We’ve gathered notes from the Delectable community, and from Barbera to Grenache Blanc, Delectable users know how to pick their winter wines. If you’re leaning more towards cocktails, check out our cocktail series that features beverages such as the Sazerac , the Boulevardier , and much more. Enjoy all the beverages winter has to offer!

Herencia Altes

Terra Alta Garnatxa Negra 2018

A beautiful ruby color, mild fruit aromas, medium body with bright acidity and round fruitiness, and light lingering tannins. Easy winter evening drinking. — a year ago

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Fulldraw Vineyard

Bamboo Grenache Blanc Clairette Blanc 2018

Really nice white for a snowy winter evening. Medium bodied and quite viscous with low acidity. Just very round and pleasant. Nice to sip by the fire after dinner. — a year ago

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Monsieur Touton Selection

Cooperativo Tra Produttori Barolo 2015

Great pairing with Sunday gravy, candlelight and Dino Crocetti. We’ll put this one into the regular winter rotation. Salud! — a year ago

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La Ca' Nova

Montestefano Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2016

Awesome for a winter Saturday home alone! — a year ago

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Exception Riesling 2016

Star bright yellow gold. Inviting nose of honeycomb and honeysuckle. Firm acidity leads the medium-full palate of yellow apple and white flowers with (literal) stone fruit on the finish. Bone dry Alsatian Riesling that’s ready for winter meals. Pork dishes will fare particularly well, but firm flesh seafood shouldn’t be discounted. Drink now through 2030 — a year ago

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Poderi Colla

Barbera d'Alba 2018

2nd bottle in the last few months. Smooths out after starting out as a bit burly. Gorgeous black currants, sweet & broad. Enough acid to keep it all in balance. Perfect winter wine. Grand Cru importer. — a year ago

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Frog Kisser Wines

Walla Walla Valley White Blend 2016

Not Cab Sav - white wine, lovely winter wire. Malo notes — a year ago

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Brown County Winery

Spiced Red Wine

Wonderful holiday/winter wine with spices to drink room temp or heat in crock pot. Semi-dry. — a year ago

Domaine Chandon

Étoile Tête de Cuvée Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir

More mellow and bready than the 2009, the last Tête de Cuvée vintage declared. Acids are attenuated though crisp apple still peaks out from behind sweet pear, wheat, and yeast. Sublime micro bubbles as expected from the Étoile series. Good for winter, evening sips, and lightweight chicken or fish pairings. Not the show-stealing stand-alone 2009 or the stunner 2008 tête des têtes. — a year ago

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Château Alvignes

Cahors Malbec 2015

maraschino cherry, bitter cranberry black coffee and dark chocolate. This is a wonderful winter wine. It is fruit forward and Jammy enough to be interesting but not enough to be cloying. Pair with something gamey like lamb or duck. — a year ago

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