Wine Situation Final Five (Now With Drunk Dialing!)

The Wine Situation hosts everyone from winemakers to writers to find out what a person’s situation is…with wine. At the end of each episode, host Ellen Clifford phones a friend to ask them The Final Five. This time, it’s Megan Bell of Margins Wine! Check out the full episode here QUESTION ONE Ellen: Question one, what are you drinking these days, wine or not? Megan: I’m on a long-term alcohol break, and I have been drinking a lot of Figlia, which is a non-alcoholic spirit. It’s a really tasty concoction of rose and bitter orange peel and clove. You keep it in your fridge once you open it, and it can last a couple of months, and you just add that to some sparkling water, some lime, and bitters or whatever you want, and that makes amazing non-alcoholic cocktails. QUESTION TWO Ellen: Do you have a favorite or unusual pairing? Megan: Carrots dipped in mustard. Just your favorite mustard. QUESTION THREE Ellen: Question number three is, are there any places you are itching to explore that you haven’t made wine from yet? Megan: There are things I’m itching to explore in regions where they’re not planted yet. For instance, we’re based in the Santa Cruz Mountains . We could grow so many really cool varietals here, but unfortunately, it’s planted to 90% Pinot Noir and Chardonnay —which is delicious, but also we don’t want a monoculture, so I would love to do like, Santa Cruz Chenin Blanc. That would be really cool. QUESTION FOUR Ellen: Question number four is, what’s your favorite food? Megan: My favorite food is plain sourdough bread. We have two great bakeries in this area. We have Companion, and we also have Manresa Bread here. They are both really rustic, crunchy, big loaves. And they’re fantastic. QUESTION FIVE Ellen: The last question is just, what is giving you joy these days? Megan: I’ve felt a lot of joy lately. This is the first year I have been excited to go back to work in the vineyard. Normally this time of year, I’m just dreading working and really enjoying being a couch potato, but this year’s harvest ended really early since it was so warm, so I had a whole other month off. For the first time, I’m very excited to get back in the vineyard and back into the swing of the growing season. Just getting a lot of joy in the path I have chosen and really a lot of gratitude for getting to have this company. *** You can find Megan on Instagram @marginswine and join her wine club at , and there will soon be a tasting room in Santa Cruz! Check out the previous Wine Situation podcast with Andrea Jaramillo here .

Mount Eden Vineyards

Reserve Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay 2017

2017 vintage. Oooh that nose. Browned butter and herbs and oak and dill. Hot damn. Gimme scallops or Dover sole for a perfect pairing. Heavy body. Generous oak. Just enough acidity. Color is impressively yellowed. A showstopper with attitude. Woof. Comparably priced White Burg? Haha like 4x price wise. — a year ago

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Scott@Mister A’s-San Diego

Scott@Mister A’s-San Diego

@Paul T- Huntington Beach One of the dozen or so California Chards that can actually age > 5 years.
Scott@Mister A’s-San Diego

Scott@Mister A’s-San Diego

@Paul T- Huntington Beach if on a resto list or online…I’d take a flyer and hit a bottle.
Scott@Mister A’s-San Diego

Scott@Mister A’s-San Diego

@Paul T- Huntington Beach This one was the Reserve but the regular Estate Chard is worth aging as well.

Margins Wine

Wilson Vineyards Skin Fermented Chenin Blanc 2020

very light skin contact (which I love)! Aromas of tangerine peel, yellow apple, fresh herbs, white blossom, molasses, light spice, honey, whipped cream. on the palate: orange hard candies, white flowers, lemon, thyme, fine tannins, great texture, slight pepper spice finish. So complex and delicious! — 3 years ago

Margins Wine

Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir 2018

The lightest touch without losing personality. So much love for Santa Cruz Mtn Pinot in general, and this is a complete standout. — 5 years ago

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Peter Martin Ray Vineyard Pinot Noir 2021

Peter Martin Ray Pinot Noir really struck me at this visit and is a gorgeous version of California Pinot Noir! — a year ago

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Ridge Vineyards

Estate Monte Bello Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2019

deep and rich with coffee, chocolate, dry oak, and raspberry. — 2 years ago

Margins Wine

Contra Costa County Muscat Blanc 2019

This is one of my Favorite wines now! Megan Bell does an excellent job ! Taste like the fruit is dancing on your palate! Enjoy!!! — 4 years ago

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Trout Gulch Vineyard Chardonnay 2018

Ron R

Displays a distinctive personality on the nose and palate. It’s a leanish, mineral-driven expression of Chardonnay. Hints of ginger and lanolin combine with taught acidity. Sweetness is light to moderate. Very little oak to talk about, mostly steely. This will partner perfectly with sushi, but it does need a wingman. — 2 years ago

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Margins Wine

Carmel Valley Chenin Blanc 2019

Always love Megan’s Chenins. Apple and stone fruit. — 2 years ago

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Margins Wine

Santa Clara Valley Mourvedre 2013

Blueberry crisp, cinnamon, fruit bomb, flavor explosion. — 4 years ago

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