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DeeAsia Ali (Dee) cohosts the Bad and Boozy Podcast , a weekly show where she and SoSo Lovely discuss wine, life and other likka (liquor) related shenanigans. A Baltimore native currently residing in Washington, D.C., Dee is an avid runner and self-proclaimed wine enthusiast. Wine has been a hobby for quite some time as evidenced by the numerous wine accessories and hundreds of corks displayed in her apartment. Dee enjoys merging her health and fitness goals with her passion for wine, often rewarding herself with a glass of wine after running a few miles. DeeAsia currently manages fundraising team Pamdukes for the Marian House Race to Embrace Independence 5K Run and Walk held annually in Baltimore. Marian House provides resources for homeless women and their children such as housing, food, clothing, education, employment training and counseling services. DeeAsia’s mother was a part of the Marian House program prior to her passing in 2012. Dee, along with her brothers, other family members and friends, participates in the race annually in memory of her mother. You can catch Dee on the go at a wine tasting, running a race or visiting her niece Ariyah and nephew Kobe. Dee’s main goal in life is to live it to the fullest and make her late mother proud. Delectable: What sparked your passion for wine? DeeAsia: Friendship and the social aspect of wine drew me in, and the vast history and stories around it made me stay. I started out drinking cheap Moscato after college when my best friend would visit on his breaks from school. We noticed the various selections at the liquor store, so we started reading labels and asking the clerk questions. We quickly realized that there was an entire world we knew absolutely nothing about. From then on, we took every opportunity to learn more. We noticed wine and spirits shops that were not quite the cut-rate liquor stores we were used to growing up. We’d stop in for tastings or just to ask questions and it grew from there. D: It’s Tuesday night, and you’re hanging out at home. What’s in your glass? DA: This can be a tough one. I’m part of a Track Tuesday running group, so I often don’t get home until about 9pm. If I drink at all, it’s usually to unwind since working out can hype me up. In the summer months, we may gather after a run at a bar for a beer. I like a good IPA, but I’m always down to try something new. I’ll take a nice white blend if I’m at home, though. D: What was your most memorable moment when recording the Bad & Boozy Podcast? DA: When Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast was a guest on our show. ( Episode 20 if you would like to check it out.) It was an emotional mix of fun, knowledge, ratchetness and pure joy. SoSo and I have listened to her show for years now. Karen and her husband/cohost are podcasting royalty to us and we actually met on their Facebook fan page. There would be no Bad & Boozy Podcast without them. D: In your “Sip or Spit” segment, has there ever been a wine that you recommend to sip that SoSo Lovely would rather spit, or vice versa? DA: The first thing that comes to mind is the Kung Fu Girl Riesling. This has been a favorite of mine for years. SoSo was not with it though. For a Riesling, it was too much citrus for her. I get it. I’ll keep those kinds of wines to myself next time. On the other hand, she loves Stella Rosa Wines and I’m not here for drinking juice. That’s what I call them anyway with their low alcohol content. D: If you could sit down with any person alive or dead and share a drink, who would you choose and what would you enjoy? DA: My mom. I always imagined this adult relationship with my mom where we’d enjoy a casual glass of wine and conversation after I made her Sunday dinner. A small token of appreciation for the many dinners she made for me. She was always very supportive and would listen to me talk endlessly. I could tell her about the podcast, all the things I’ve learned about wine and more. I imagine we’d be drinking something local, but not too sweet. I got it, Boordy Blush. D: Wine can sometimes be intimidating, but you and SoSo Lovely make it fun and accessible. What is one piece of advice you’d give to somebody just starting to fall in love with wine? DA: We close the show by saying, “The Best Wine is the One You Like.” You can only figure this out by tasting around. Take advantage of free tastings and festivals. Talk to the buyer at your local wine shop. Make inquires at a restaurant while dining. Do your Googles! Use the Delectable app. You know how you learn best. Just start tasting. People who are knowledgeable and love wine always want to talk about it. Set aside what you think you know about wine and have fun! D: If SoSo Lovely were a wine, what would she be? DA: She’s a BBW (big bold wine) for sure. Probably a bold, juicy Pinot Noir with a hint of spice. Enjoy her on a fruit day (when the moon is in any of the Fire Signs such as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), since those days are most optimal for wine tastings. Fun Fact: Both SoSo and I are Aries.

Louis Jadot

Bourgogne Pinot Noir

A little more pungent than expected but quite juicy. Raspberries and cherries. Smooth on a the tannings an finish. I like! #badandboozypod #winehoereviews #blackgirlswine — 4 years ago

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La Granja 360

Cariñena Garnacha Rosado

Summer in a bottle!!! This is yummy. Not sweet but lots of flavor and my price point. Light and fruity! Aromatic. #badandboozypod #winehoereviews #webedrankin — 4 years ago

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The Y Series South Australia Viognier 2016

Just when I thought I’d fallen out of love with white wine, I found this. This is answer to Chardonnay since I’d become largely uninterested. Aromas of honeysuckle, jasmine and peach drew me in. It’s full body and creaminess got me to stay. This is the closest I’ve gotten so far to a white BBW. Reasonably priced. I’m looking to forward to having this again and again. Shout out to the screw top. #badandboozypod #whitewines #winegasm — 4 years ago

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Noble Blend Central Coast White Blend

A solid white blend. Refreshing and a little more citrus that I anticipated but I’m here for it. A blend of gewürztraminer and Riesling. A perfect summer time blend. Off dry and light bodied. Shout out to Winc wines for consistently delivering. #badandboozypod #winereviews #delectable — 4 years ago

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Yards Brewing Co.

Love Stout

Oh! Now why this isn’t Dragon’s Milk, it’s definitely her younger more flirty sister. It’s rich with notes of coffee and chocolate. Smooth but not heavy. A little on the bitter side which is cool because I take my coffee without sugar. A ball of fun on the tongue. 5.5% ABV but it make up for this with flavor. #badandboozypod #beergasm #craftbeer #reviews — 4 years ago

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Club W

Pas Ordinaire Saint-Chinian Red Blend 2016

Ok! This red blend is savory, pungent even. The tang I taste appears to be the black olive as described on the label. It’s very spicy. My kinda wine. The rustic red color is gorgeous and the fruit notes are ever so subtle. Shout out to @winc for being sponsors of our podcast network and providing quality wine. Oh...and the label is super cute. #badandboozypod #winehoereviews — 4 years ago

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Louis Jadot

Beaujolais-Villages Gamay 2016

Beaujolais no nouveau!!! New to me and an easy favorite. 100% Gamay SPICY, smooth, light/medium bodied. Light on the tannins. Finish lingers just enough. Mostly notes of black cherry. Perfect for snacking @ 12.5%. Gimme the cheese and crackers! 🍷🧀 #badandboozypod #winehoereviews #ibeendrankin — 4 years ago

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New Holland Brewing Co.

Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout

I chose the perfect beer to celebrate #NationalBeerDay I was gifted this for my birthday last week and heard nothing but good things and BAY-BEEEE it did not disappoint. 🎶these are a few of my favorite things🎶 I don’t do ice coffee often but if I did, it would this beer. No point in drinking cold coffee if it is not 11% ABV. Dragon’s Milk is dark, toasty (and roasty), rich and heavy! Everything I want in a man, but A👏🏾DAMN👏🏾 BEER👏🏾! Men disappoint, so give me the warmth and familiarity bourbon barrel-aged stout anytime. The smell is perfect and the notes of vanilla and caramel sweeten it ever so subtly. Issa win! #badandboozypod #craftbeerlife #stouts #dragonsmilk #gimmemore #beerreviews — 4 years ago

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Julia Geisler

Julia Geisler

“Men disappoint” r e l a t a b l e love this

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Gloria Ferrer

Sonoma Méthode Champenoise

I never knew a bubbly love like this. It’s beautiful (pink color), fresh and fruity. Pinot noir, grapes blended to perfection with a touch of Chardonnay. Dry like I prefer my rosé. Festive! How fitting that I enjoyed it with a new bubbly friend. Shout out to @bubbles_n_bourbon on IG. #badandboozypod #winehoes — 4 years ago

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