Rosa Obscura Red Blend 2016

The next best thing to a man since I don’t have any Netflix and Chill options for this cuffing season. But who needs the annoyance of a man when you can have this top notch red blend. It’s so smooth and robust! A full bodied blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with juicy notes of cherry followed by other berry flavors. Strangely enough I think it’ll go great with my hot Italian sausage, but if you ain’t with that grab your favorite chocolate or steak and BAM! #badandboozypod #winereviews #WineHoes — 3 years ago

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Lost Angel

California Pinot Noir 2015

A good summer red. Medium bodied, soft tannins and spicy! Flavors of cherry and not too juicy. Everything the website says about this one is true. It’s also affordable, running around $10. Gimme more! #badandboozypod #winereviews #winehoes #delectable — 3 years ago

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Fuerza de la Tierra

La Mancha Tempranillo 2016

I’m with the shit! It’s smooth and fruity and goes well with Welch’s fruit snacks. My heart is content. Full bodied. Bursting on the finish. Gets better with each sip. #badandboozypod #winereviews #winehoes #delectable — 3 years ago

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Basignani Winery


Local wine always has a hold on my heart. This Vidal is so smooth. Sweet yet floral! Notes of melon and honeysuckle. It’s a real crowd pleaser. 10% alcohol lower that my preference but yummy. #badandboozypod #delectable #winehoes #winereviews — 3 years ago

Kemberly Trina Scott
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Duplin Winery

Cool Muscadine

This shit is sweet yet refreshing! Not my usual go to but I’m tasting with friends and it works. You see this blush ass color. Too cute! #badandboozypod #delectable #winehoes — 3 years ago

Trina Scott
with Trina
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Burke Family

Reserve California Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

A solid cab for an evening winding down after entertaining a 10 yr old boy when you don’t have children. I’m tired! #badandboozypod #winereviews #winehoes — 3 years ago

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Spyglass Ridge Winery

Mango Vignoles

First thing I noticed was the bright orange sunset color and then I thought “oh shit! The bottle says mango.” The color is gorgeous and vibrant. Smells fruit. I took one sip and it was like have mango soaked in rum or something. It’s so juicy and bursting with flavor. Great for dessert or a sweet treat. I approve! #badandboozypod #winegasm #reviews #winehoes — 4 years ago

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Liquid Popsicle

Rubilicious Sweet Red Blend

This shit taste like medicine. I have no clue what varietals make up this blend. I’m gonna drink it doe. At 13% and a friends party...why not? #badandboozypod #delectable #winereviews #winehoes — 3 years ago

Trina Scott
with Trina
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Kimberly Anderson

Kimberly Anderson

Megan Davis

Megan Davis

I almost picked this up today!!! Glad I checked your review lol. Im looking for a red blend on the sweeter spectrum to go with devils food cake pairing.

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This ain’t the one!

Flying Dog Brewery

Pearl Necklace Chesapeake Stout

Who needs dinner when you can have a Pearl Necklace? This is light and refreshing for a stout yet heavy enough to be a meal replacement for dinner. DINNER IS POURED!!! I don’t really taste the oysters but the essence is there. Roasty but not too much. Light on the alcohol with 5.5%. Pair with your favorite reality TV show. I’m watching RuPaul’s Drag Race #badandboozypod #beerreviews #winehoes #delectable — 3 years ago

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Sounds like something my hubby would enjoy, but I’d totally make him watch all of RuPaul first. Seems fair to me.

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Hahahahaha...I agree


Côtes de Provence Cinsault Rosé 2017

I found a rosé I can fuck with! Get you some and lemme know what you think. Fresh, fruity, delicate and paired well with my crabs. A blend of cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and carignan. Surprisely complex. #badandboozypod #winereviews #rosé #delectable #winehoes — 4 years ago

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