Vintage Porto Port Blend 1970

Shay A

Lots of fun bottles were popped at Al’s hosting this past weekend for his birthday celebration. All were served blind. 1 sparkler, 2 whites, 6 reds and 1 dessert wine.

At 49yrs young, the color here was gorgeous. Clear and focused in the glass. Chocolate dipped raspberries spread over graham crackers on the nose. Still retaining sweetness and a touch of acidity. Zero heat. Cherry infused cocoa with fig on the palate before the finish ends ever so effortlessly. I called this ‘70s Port.
— 25 days ago

Dan Fitzgeraldjoe leatherwoodBenjamin Keator
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Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

Very nice


Otima '95 Single Year Tawny

Fabulous. — 5 months ago

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Fine White Porto

This white Port carries a golden tint and gorgeous nose of sweet caramel and stone fruit. The palate is sweet and fruity with a ton of acidity. It's a great aperitif or dessert, and even pairs well with potato dishes, cheese and guacamole. — 5 months ago

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Otima 20 Year Old Tawny Porto


Very tasty. Would try again. — 21 days ago

with Jeni


Tercentenary Vintage Port 1963

Well preserved vintage port from 1963. Mature but not losing its base flavors. Aromatics just fly out of the glass and the rush of liquid touches all parts of your palate. Long finish.🍷🍷 — 3 months ago

Ray ContiJoe Becerra
with Ray and Joe


Otima 10 Year Old Tawny Porto Port Blend

The nose on this tawny Port is so full of raisins and hot caramel it can mean nothing except dessert. The palate reaffirms that feeling, with a sweet taste which brings a little savory along for the ride. There’s enough acidity to make pairing possible, maybe with a slice of pumpkin or pecan pie. — 5 months ago

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Heritage Ruby Porto

This beautiful Port shows a nose of ripe, red fruit, syrup and smoke. The palate is young and playful, boasting currant and berries with a viscous mouthfeel and a tannic structure that begs a great piece of cheese. — 5 months ago

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Symington Family Estates

Warre's Vintage Porto 2007

Have been enjoying this over the last few months and finally reached the bottom tonight on a lovely evening out back. It was delicious. Lots of other reviews here with descriptions which I echo. Grab some if you can. — a month ago


Bottle Aged Late Bottled Vintage Porto 2002

Shay A

Wednesday Wine Committee. 1 sparkler, 3 whites, 4 reds and 1 dessert wine. Blind as usual.

With how youthful this was, I was surprised not only at the amount of sediment I had, but the size of the flakes! Because of that, I went the LBV route. Cran-raisins, creamy espresso, stewed raspberries and blackberries, baked graham cracker cherry pie and very small traces of heat.
— 4 months ago

Dan FitzgeraldWeston Eidson
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Warrior Finest Reserve Porto

This Port wine is inky indigo in the glass. Its nose conveys dark, ripe fruit with an overlay of leather and tobacco. The palate is rich and dark with a firm tannic structure and a pleasantly long finish. — 5 months ago

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