Vin Noé

Face to Face Viognier 2018

Perhaps the most intriguing of Vin Noe’s cuvées. Fist time having a Viognier from Beaujolais. It has the typical tropical fruit notes of pineapple etc, but the maceration (it’s an orange wine) give it a slightly drier finish vs a typical Viognier wine. Will be back for more. — 3 days ago

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Caves de Landiras

Domaine de La Baume Elisabeth Viognier 2018

Orange peal, candy lemon and ginger. Oilyness marries all together all the aromas is the delicious flavours. But it is not a condrieu. But every good for the price. — 12 days ago

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Sharon B

Sharon B

Beautiful setting!

Cedarville Vineyard

Viognier 2017

Dedicated to our dear, dear friend, Susan Marks, who we miss dearly — RIP. We have been purchasing this lovely, mineral-infused Viognier since the early 2000s from Susan and Jonathan, my favorite California Viognier year in and year out, crisp, clean, showing some lovely stone fruit notes this vintage, just wonderful as always. — 6 days ago

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Francois Gerard

Condrieu Côte Chatillon Viognier 2016

Nose is tropical flowers. A hint of honey. An hour in more dense. The most elegant honey. Not unctuous at all.

Palate is quite mineral. Fresh . Not unctuous more precise. Like really mineral water flavored with tropical essence. Not obnoxious. Very very elegant.

The great thing about this is that it has very elegant richness and integrated minerality. It’s not a sledgehammer. No obvious wood after 15 minutes.


Needs an hour for density to present itself. Then it’s amazing.

Bought from fass selections.
— 12 days ago

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Lyle Fass

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My favorite winery in the world

Domaine de la Terre Rouge

Fiddletown Viognier 2016

I’m usually wary of Viognier, but this was unusually fresh and drinkable. — 10 days ago

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Kamen Estate Wines


Stone fruit, nectarine, apricot, with a soft silky front. Medium acidity and dry biting finish. Quite nice.

92 points
— 15 days ago

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Paragon Vineyard Viognier 2015

Perfect hue for the Golden state. Nose is honey, cucumber and something funky. Maybe ‘pool toy’? Flavors are luscious. Streaks of acid and bitterness pair perfectly with the melon, apricots, yellow plums and honeysuckle. Pretty round in the mouth. It’s a fragrant and tasty CA Viognier. Hasn’t lost any freshness 5 years on. And it’s SIP Certified Sustainable to boot. — 9 days ago

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Domaine Faury

Condrieu Viognier 2018

Not an appellation I visit very often, but a producer I love. Floral notes through the nose and palate. Sometimes I pause with Viognier because of the weight, but this is effortless and elegant. Absolutely love this. — 11 days ago

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Chris McClellan

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Love that producer as well...

Autumn Lake

Outer Coastal Plain Viognier 2019

Happy father's day! Awesome! Lush, creamy mouthfeel. Tropical pineapple and guava flavors. — 11 days ago

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E. Guigal

La Doriane Condrieu Viognier 2016

Ron R

Summer in full flight, and this Guigal decided to come along for the ride. Gives the appearance of 24kt gold in the glass.
Nose displays roasted almonds. and freshly baked bread. Palate is oily, viscous and dense. Marzipan and butterscotch give way to moderate acidity on the mid palate. Oak treatment is prominent, but in check. A tour de force from this producer.
— 20 days ago

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ES Faiello

ES Faiello

Yup - it’s Guigal & Gangloff - cheers!

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@Ron R try Coteau du vernon from Georges Vernay ... u will get more extention 😄
Ron R

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Thanks, @Hanibal, I’ll try anything at this point 🙌