Vinicola De Castilla

Alfredo Maestro (Bodegas y Viñedos Maestro Tejero)

Viña Almate Tempranillo 2018

Dark purple ink with chunky legs. Aroma of herbs - thyme and tarragon. Then a full, slow wave of dark cherry, black fruit, and grippy tannins. — 2 days ago

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Raul Pérez

Las Gundiñas Lomas de Valtuille Bierzo Mencia 2017

Wow! Seriously good! If you ever wanted to know what ‘white pepper’ means in a wine review, this is it. Beautiful red fruit with white pepper and spice. Absolutely a terroir driven wine. All of Raul’s Mencias are good, but the unique character of this one stands out. 2017 vintage on May 21, 2020 — 13 days ago

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Finca Sobreño

Crianza Toro Tempranillo

Tempranillo from north central Toro region in the Duero river valley. Area endures sweltering summers to produce rich and tannic wines with black fruit and scorched earthiness. "Crianza" classification ensures it is aged 24 months with at least 6 in the barrel. DOP tier is highest quality, with VP, DOQ, and DO like this particular wine. Spain's top variety. - Wine Folly. Bright nose of cherry, nice high acidity without being tart, brief tannin, medium to light body and stone like dusty bittersweet chocolate long finish. Shines through with the spaghetti sauce but doesn't get in the way. Decanted 50 minutes. — 5 days ago

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Terra d'Uro

La Enfermera Toro Tempranillo 2016

I don’t usually rate duplicate wines, but this was so much better (and different) than 9 week ago, it merits a review. This is inky opaque and dense with dark fruit w/approachable tannins - as it unwinds there was distinct notes of espresso, tobacco and incense along w/coarse ground black pepper and vanilla. Really shining and magical stuff. QPR is off the charts, fell hard for this one! — 4 days ago

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Bodegas Numanthia

Numanthia Toro Tempranillo 2012

Monster of a wine, stunning depth & extraction / concentration of flavors so impressive: no signs of age - this has at least 20 yrs ahead, tons of ripe almost stewed dark fruit (black profiled blackberry & prune, black cherry) w/rich soil, dusty edges, evolved over time w/some hi-toned expression, scorched Earth, caramel, coffee made appearances... endless length w/sturdy structure yet caressing tannins. I’ve had this wine many times and it never disappoints. — 19 days ago

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Familia Bastida Biftu Bobal

Familia Bastida Cimal Bobal Biftu 2017

Great dry wine. I think blackberries but if you've read my other posts you know I'm full of shit. Anyway it tasted amazing. Defo buy this stuff. — 5 days ago

Raul Pérez

Ultreia Saint Jacques Bierzo Mencía 2017

Somehow rustic but in a good sense, an intriguing wine that challenges you to keep discovering more and more its nuances. Full of personality and excellent value for money. Ideal entrance to Raúl Pérez universe. — 10 days ago

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Bodegas Alejandro Fernández

Dehesa La Granja Tempranillo 2011

Musky Cherry, prune smell that bites lightly at the nostrils, the taste comes in round and big, sticky before then coming in an underwhelming arch given the attack, that regardless is very full and numbing to both the tongue and roof of mouth, the body essentially dances, meaning it doesn’t come in strong or fade, it jumps, which I find cool. At the end, the wine leaves a prune residue with a persistent but mild acid that creates a favorable combination — 9 days ago

Viñas del Cenit

Cenit Vino de la Tierra de Zamora Tempranillo 2009

What a way to start the week!!
Not showing any age at all! Spanish powerhouse. Beautiful nose with loads of sweets: chocolate, cola, cinnamon, almondpaste, candied cherries. Super smooth and silky mouthfeeling. In the mouth it adds some layer over the sweets which makes it more then simple sweet wine. Well balanced, withholding some acidity and well dosed bitters. Very good wine.
— 10 days ago

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Manuel Cantalapiedra

Lirondo Verdejo

So yummy and easy drinking. Classic natural wine on the nose funky with sweetness from oxidation. Effervescent on the palette, light bodied but creamy textures from notes of tropical fruit like pineapple. Tart like green apple with a subtle dry finish. Definitely a summer favorite — 2 days ago

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