Taurasi, Avellino


Primum Riserva Taurasi Aglianico 2010

Very rustic, and defines the old school old world wines! Need more time and still too young. Blueberry, BlackBerry, plum, smoke, charcoal, violet, and dried herbs. Lip smacking tannins. Love these! I only wish I had more of these. — 12 days ago

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Taurasi Aglianico 2009

A very nice bottle, but more green herbal notes on the nose and palate than the last bottle. Likely a trait which might not be showing had I read my own notes on this bottle... "future bottles should be 2024+" so not 2020...🤷🏻‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Otherwise consistent notes for day one on this bottle.

Nose has blackberry juice, hardwood charcoal, over-ripe blueberry, ripe plum and metallic minerals (wet rust).

Palate has spice notes, metallic blackberry, mouthful of black cherries, old leather, the tannins are light initially but make their attack on the long finish.
— a month ago

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Lyle Fass

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Great note

Ciro Picariello

Greco di Tufo 2016

Tart and refreshing, but with medium body. Lemon, saline, minerality. Delicious with buffalo mozzarella and ricotta — 5 days ago


Radici Riserva Taurasi Aglianico 1998

Slightly astringent to start but mellows to delightful red fruit tobacco and fig. Still has time left. — 13 days ago

Luigi Tecce

Poliphemo Taurasi Aglianico 2010

In the good vintages this Aglianico has only few others that can match it
Fruit, mineral, vulcanic, velvety tannin, long after taste
A wine from another dimension, ethereal
— a month ago

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Ceccherini Cristiano

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No one asked about the comic, Pentothal
A marvelous comic from 82 by Andrea Pazienza
A real gem


Castagnaro Aglianico

Excellent! Gift from friend from Italy. Wish I could find more. — a month ago


Radici Taurasi Aglianico 2011

Nothing like a dirty shoe. Great campy for Italian din din! — a month ago

Fara Bellows
with Fara


Taurasi di Umberto Aglianico

Love this one with my fresh pasta! From total wine — 13 days ago

Salvatore Molettieri

Vigna Cinque Querce Taurasi Aglianico 2007

Tannic volcano, this needs air and a lot of breathing time but it’s enjoyable!!! — 25 days ago


Ariavecchia Greco di Tufo 2007

Minerals that burn your nose. This is what pears and nuts do when they age together and are coated in creme fraiche. Big lemons, pith and fresh juice. It keeps tasting like it’ll get to the bitter point but instead it turns into spice. It tastes like blue cheese all along the tongue. Tons of umami. Love that volcanic smokiness, like good fiano gets too. Does Campanian wine get any better than this? Some oaky sweet spices like vanilla and white pepper and black pepper. Like the spice in the finish. Long finish. It’s big and delicious. I wish I had more stashed away. Where is it, @Lyle Fass ? — 20 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Damn it, I moved this one into off-site storage... I'll check it in a few years.
Lyle Fass

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@Chris Shultz long gone. We sold 08 and next up is 13 I think. Or we sold 13. Not sure.