Cider Revolution 2019

Like lemon lime Gatorade has a jolt of electricity running through it. — 2 years ago

Kullabergs Vingård

Immelen Solaris 2018

Påtaglig smak av svarta vinbär och krusbär. Kryddig och välgjord. Mycket prisvärd! — 2 years ago


Malört Liqueur Malt

A Chicago original. Very bitter and herbal. Reminds me of some of the more bitter and intense aquavit you can find in Sweden only. Quite a bracing shot. Though frankly, nice and cold on the rocks it can make a change if you can handle it. Like others have said it’s not easy to rate as it’s not easy to like as such. But it’s a thing. — 2 years ago

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Interesting review! Hadn't heard of this before. 🙂


Iscider 33° Brix

Delicious and super tart apple ice cider fortified with apple@brandy I think this would be great for guests. Tart enough to make your cheeks squirm. — 2 years ago



Very nice. Mellow acid. — 2 years ago


Aon Pecan Mud Cake Imperial Stout

Let the angels sing and flap their wings all the way into your mud pie — 2 years ago

High Coast Distillery

Älv Delicate Single Malt Whisky

Very Nice surprise. This swedish whisky give love touch of peat and smoke flavour. — 3 years ago


Nebuchadnezzar Imperial IPA

Not a beer geek myself, but even I know this was extraordinary. While the nose is quite mild, the flavours hits you like a bus. Heavily hopped with a bittersweet balance, and a round almost-oily mouthfeel (only held back by some carbonation). Orange rind, lychee, grass, malt, and caramel comes to mind. Lingers with a little warmth, which gives it a great sense of robustness. Delicious, but perhaps a little too intense for me.

NB: Intensity seems to be a common theme in these Omnipollo brews. These guys sure take things to the extreme. Big fan, but definitely not for the faint-hearted.
— 2 years ago

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Jay Kline

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Henok is the man!


Svensk Rök Single Malt Whisky

My wife loves this one. I think it’s solid — 2 years ago


Yellow Cidermarine Cider 2018

Vella Terra, Fira Independent del Vi Natural de Barcelona. Estació del Nord.
— 3 years ago