Southeastern New England, Massachusetts

Verde Vineyards

Giacomo Verde Cayuga White

Reminds me of a vino verde. — 2 years ago

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Plymouth Bay Winery

Blackberry Bay

Yummy and a little jammy - not exactly sweet but some tartness in there! — 3 years ago

Preston Ridge Vineyard

Estate Harvest White Blend 2019

Delicious, fresh, crisp, and perfect for summer. — 4 years ago

Arrigoni Winery

Smashed Pumpkin Apple Wine

Love this one! Apple wine is so fruity with a presence of pumpkin — 5 years ago

Greenvale Vineyards

Cabernet Franc 2017

Really great wine from Greenvale in RI. I like the low alcohol content too. — 3 years ago

Plymouth Bay Winery

Blueberry Bay

This is not a sweet fruit wine. Really lovely blueberry flavor on the tart side, just how i like it!! — 3 years ago

Samuel Adams (The Boston Beer Company)

Hazy & Juicy New England IPA

Tang-sequel coloration with perfect equilibrium and crown persistence. Wig white, even dissipation reminiscent of fine cigar burn. Striating lacing of cartoon chompers and snowy tangle of wildwood. Pleasant malty and citrus interplay punctuated by oranges and pink grapefruit wild strawberry tart with caramel and sweet tobacco and Turkish coffee from a distance. Paisley lacing ensues. Lemon oils and candied grapefruit peel frame a tangerine occurrence and sparkly mineral stardusting, and a textural approximation of peaches that adds pliancy. After the initial fruit, and subsequent sips your mouth builds up the bitter units to tangible topography that lingers. Overall, a well crafted and thoughtfully restrained offering from an iconic producer. You can sense that they wanted to get this one right. Lacing remnants: gothic text with horror overtones on one side, middle command graphics, and a t-Rex-alligator-puma logo for your new pumped up kicks. .
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— 4 years ago

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Greenvale Vineyards

Skipping Stone White Blend

Great summertime light white from Greenvale Vineyard, Newport, RI. Definitely will buy again. — 3 years ago

Plymouth Bay Winery

Cranberry Bay

Our go-to cranberry wine. Tart and not too sweet. Perfect each year around holidays. — 3 years ago

Westport Rivers

Grace Sun & Spirit Chardonnay

The juice from the Chard grapes with chard grape Brandy!? Some of the same nutty notes, nice thick body and good sweetness. — 4 years ago