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Smock Shop Band

Columbia Valley White Zinfandel 2016

Some funk and attitude. Not your Momma’s White Zin. — 6 months ago

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Smock Shop Band

Hiyu Arco Iris Pinot Noir Pinot Gris 2015

Hi, You! 😻 — a year ago

Adam Wills
with Adam
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James Elliott

James Elliott

Whoa OK

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Pear purée, golden apple, raspberries, white pepper, vitamins. Rounded acid, frothy-juicy texture, light bodied, crisp-dry, long red berry finish. Cider and wine blend. Aromatics were pet-nat like, texture and finish were reminiscent of a sour beer aged in used wine barrels. Ultimate porch pounder. — 3 years ago

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Smock Shop Band

Columbia Gorge Pinot Noir

Forget about it... leather, pepper, currant, ripe plum, violets, muddled blueberry, cured meat, fruit leather. Grown on basalt cobbles, the tannin structure holds firm. Plenty of acid as well! Permaculture at its finest! — 6 months ago

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Domaine Puydeval

Jeff Carrel Cabernet Franc Blend 2015

Smells like a shop that only sells dried fragrant fruit on tiny hemp strings. The shop is playing “Gorecki, Symph #3

The first flavor/band to hit my palette is “XTC: skylarking” a harmonious blend of red and blue fruits, subtle, yet always a new one after every sip.

This wraps up with a truly silky, smooth style, with a long, lingering flash of vanilla. “Prince: Purple rain” is what’s happening in my head at the moment..
Stunning Cab Franc blend..

— 2 years ago

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Pear and Grape Country Wine Red Blend

Hint of farm fresh nose, refreshingly blight, perfect for sunny Friday afternoon wine down — 8 months ago

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Columbia Gorge Chardonnay - Pinot Gris Blend

Starts out canned peaches, then the grip settles in, a lot of changes over an hour. One of my favorite alternative rose’s, an absolute eccentric gem. — a year ago

Smock Shop Band

Atavus White Wine Gewürztraminer

Why you would do a solera gewurztraminer makes no sense, but I am very thankful Nate Ready has done it. — 3 years ago