Rutherglen Estates

Chambers Rosewood

Rutherglen Muscadelle 1858

A friend is moving to Australia so I wanted to introduce him to Chambers Rosewood. — 3 hours ago

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Limited Release Parola's Durif 2015

Just about my favourite wine. Superb! — 9 months ago

John RobertsonCheryl thomson
with John and Cheryl

Stanton & Killeen

Grand Rutherglen Topaque Tokay

See recent notes for the Stanton and Killeen Grand Muscat. This is the Topaque (cannot call it Tokay any more) made from the Muscadelle grape. Like the Grand Muscat the average blended age is 15 to 20 years. Very similar in flavour profile with the Muscat, the latter probably a bit sweeter with more molasses notes. This Topaque is a tiny bit more bitter with caramel, toffee and a lot of liquid raisin character. Thoroughly delicious. These old Rutherglen fortifieds are one of Australia’s gifts to the vinous world. — 2 years ago

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Chambers Rosewood

Rutherglen Muscat

Intro #2 This is rich and unctuous. I love this style. — 3 hours ago

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Reserve Shiraz 2005

2005 reserve. Damn, that’s a full wine. — 2 years ago

Buller Wines

Reserve Shiraz 2012

Sweet raisin smell when you first open the bottle.
The colour is an eye catching dark plum red.
Dark Berry fruits on the tip of the tounge being very sweet and moving down to the back and getting that acidity and earthy/minty taste, ending with an overall raisin after taste
— 3 years ago


Rutherglen Tokay

Delicious paired with dark chocolate. Perfect ending to a meal — 4 months ago


The Playground Dr. Frank's Big Black One Barossa Valley Durif 2014

Inky black and delicious! More luscious than Rutherglen durif the tannin much softer. Lovely Friday night drinking. — a year ago


Museum Show Reserve Muscat

Delicious. Viscous and sweet. Rancio notes. — 2 years ago

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Cool, we have some also, looks like they updated the label.