Robert Mondavi Winery

Robert Mondavi Winery

Reserve Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 1994

Mondavi Reserve is another personal favorite that seems to just wow me no matter the vintage because it ages so gracefully and even the 30 year old wines still have a lot of punch. Like the Insignia it was solid but not spectacular, and that could be the company it was keeping. I think both would have been excellent with dinner and drank with less fanfare. This wine was extraordinarily balanced and silky with a cherry, tobacco and cedar profile. Losing some depth but still showing strong. — a month ago

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Robert Mondavi Winery

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

무엇보다 향기에 취하게 되는 와인. 짙은 보라색과 어우러지는 강렬한 향, 여러가지 종류의 맛 보다는 오로지 포도의 맛으로 승부하는 느낌이며 타닌도 그동안 마신 와인보다는 강한 느낌. 그러나 묵직하고 임팩트 있어 눈이 번쩍 뜨이게 된다. 두번째 로버트 몬다비에도 역시나 만족 대만족! — a month ago

Boin Jin
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Robert Young Estate Winery

Scion Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2002

Drink by date here on CT ends at 2013.....that's cute. This wine was probably approaching optimal drinking at that time. This wine is showing the slightest hint of age, and it's on the front. The nose of this wine is very youthful. Black cherry and mint and a hint of fig and has quite a bit of sweeter and youthful 'Jolly Rancher' kind of character. On the palate is black cherry and herb on the front with saddle leather. Middle gains a dried tobacco and wildflowers. Finishes more to the medium bodied side. Really neat. Would have guessed this was an 08. — 15 days ago

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This reminded me of an aged Silver Oak. There was hardly any sort of bricking...looked like it was maybe 7yrs old. Aromatics smelled of American oak (my understanding is that this was likely all French oak) showing coconut/dill and a distinct mint note I always pick up with American oak. Integrated tannin and acidity with killer structure. Very smooth. Dusty, red and black fruit dominant, dark chocolate. Complex fruit and herbal nuances. Can’t believe this is approaching 20yrs old. Top shelf Alexander valley expression!

Robert Mondavi Winery

Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 1999

Juicy and earthy with a long finish. Lots of dark fruit and still some tannins left. Definitely showing good age though. — 12 days ago

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Robert Michel

La Geynale Cornas Syrah

I first bumped into one of these in 2005 and it was incredible. 14 years on and its edges have softened up beautifully. I’m hopeful there’s another stray bottle in the cellar to revisit in the years ahead - 1999 — 17 days ago

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I love it @Bill Bender ! Always nice to balance out order with a little chaos 😉 @Billy L. There’s a little stash of bottles and a hatful of magnums for Tui’s birthdays in there somewhere so she shouldn’t dehydrate in the years ahead... If you find yourself in this part of the world on the 5th of November I’m happy to share 🥳
Billy L.

Billy L.

@Fraser McKinley -"Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi" You’re on! I’ll bring Mags of Cali Cabernets to share! Australia 🇦🇺 is on our Travel list during next few years. Thx for invite during our Barossa tour. Cheers 🍇🍷👍🏻👏🏻
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Great stuff @Billy L. We look forward to seeing you.

Robert Mondavi Winery

50th Anniversary Maestro Napa Valley Red Blend 2014

@ casa tua for wifes 40th- incredible wine & incredible time 💪🏼🍾🍷🍽🎉 — 10 days ago

Robert Mondavi Winery

The Reserve To Kalon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 1998

jesus g

This blew my mind. And back in 01/02 you couldn’t sell a bottle of 98 to save your life! — a month ago

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@jesus g Cheers 🍷

Domaine du Tunnel (Stéphane Robert)

Saint-Peray Marsanne 2017

Lyle Fass

Rocking Roussanne. The freshness on the palate of these micro cuvee St. Perays is just unreal. They drink like nothing else in the Rhone. If Pur Blanc is the Montrachet of the lineup then this is the Chevalier as this is an awesome elegant Roussanne. Like Grand Cru level. Stunning nose. So complex, yellow fruits, pear, mineral, tree bark, earthy, quince but so refined and clear. Amazingly clear actually. Yellow plum. The palate is masterful. Concentrated yet so elegant with such texture and just awesome balance. This is next level Roussanne made in tiny batches. What finish. Fruit is plum, yellow peach, mango, papaya, but so fresh and not vulgar. All class. Just — 3 days ago

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