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Weingut Keller

Abts E Westhofen Brunnenhäuschen Riesling 2006

Some points of interest of this wine:

1. This is the first vintage of Abtserde.

2. At the time, slapping the name Abtserde on the label was illegal and technically still is. You see, lieu-dit labelling was disallowed in the 71' German vineyard reform. KP thought Abtserde, being an exceptional section of GL Brunnenhauschen, needed stand out on its own. With a little bit wits, he circumvented this rule by creating the wine under it's own brand, Abts E®, which we see today.

3. This was a different style of KP's wines. Huge extract, more generous, but still kept in check by mad acidity. These days, KP's wines are lighter and even more precise, but never lacking in dry extract. In short, KP's wines are getting more elegant. Still, I love them both 🤩

This is a throwback, so I'm not going to try writing the tasting notes. My notes were brief and illegible. Only thing I could read was "more bot, insane extract, acid, stone". I remember the experience well - brought by M, sourced from FB, excellent bottle, destroyed in 30 minutes along with Felix, KP, and Guy. What a night!

NB: Take the rating with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, this was an amazing wine for a difficult vintage.
— 4 days ago

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Weingut Keller

H Nierstein Rheinhessen Kabinett Riesling 2013

If it's good enough for the Royal family, then it's good enough for me 🤣

Taste like water that has trickled down the narrow tortuous path of the Alps, purified by the nooks and crannies of ancient sedimentary rock. In all seriousness, this went down the wine hole too easily. It's playful, dances on the tongue, really delicate, ethereal. Fine acidity that reveberates through the finish, stony, beautiful cool fruit, floral, herbal, super saline. Zing!

NB: This is how all kabi should be - sweetness that accentuates fruit, never sugar, never tiring.
— 7 days ago

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How posh! 👑

Dr. F. Weins-Prüm

Erdener Prälat Auslese Riesling 2005

Lyle Fass

It’s been a long time and my has the color changed. I remember tasting this on my first trip to Germany back in 2006. Nose is gorgeous. Custardy, baked apple, slate, so gorgeous. Wow. Transportive nose. Amazingly nimble botrytis. Ripe peach dipped in honey. Palate is stunning. Rich, fresh, complex and way more youthful, taut and structured than the nose leads you to believe. Has that Pralat seductiveness and amplitude. Stunning length. This has 25+ years of life. Great wine. I need to buy and drink more Auslese. — 6 days ago

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Savage Grace

Underwood Mountain Vineyards Riesling 2016

Pale yellow in color with a golden tinge, excellent clarity. Honey, apple and spice notes in nose. Off dry, rounded mouthfeel. Honey and peach flavor with length (later guava), malic finish with a hint of leesy-lactic acid and fine-grained skin astringency. I might prefer it drier, but given the style, there is still much to like here. Less complex than the 2015 — 5 days ago

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Would be nice with savory appetizers. 🥂
David Shaw

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More Rieslings with savory foods, indeed.

Franz Karl Schmitt

Niersteiner Pettenthal Auslese Riesling 2001

I heard something today on IDTT that exemplifies tasting this wine - never explicitly was the term "great" terrior used, but I think it's safe to say that the discussion was about great terrior. A "great" vineyard isn't necessarily better than others in terms of quality... Or even necessarily need to represent the covering GI... but it is "great" because of clarity. It produces a unique expression CONSTANTLY, irrespective of vintage or producer. In short, it speaks precisely of a place... Cliché but truly. And that's Pettenthal! Time and time again I've seen this. With KP, Kai, Gunderloch, Kuhling-Gillot. Pettenthal is great and this wine sealed it for me.

Brought this to blind KP. It was an obvious choice since KP's tiny super plot was once part of FK Schmitt's holdings. Despite the differences with KP's insane 17' auction wine (vintage, style, vineyard size, philosophy), this wine was clearly Pettenthal. That cool and smoky elements that I've learned to associate with the vineyard, fine minerally backbone. Damn! This has to be one of the most tightly focused aged Auslese's I've had in a while. What a pristine bottle - all thanks to Roland's exquisite sourcing skills. Stone fruits, petrol, honey, spice, umami elements. Finish was admittedly one-dimensional. Could be longer. Still, what a lovely
— 15 days ago

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David T

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Nice bottle.

Weingut Keller

Nierstein trocken Riesling 2017

Poor man's Pettenthal... In light of the insane Pettenthal GG prices these days. Those in the know are bound to pounce on these "village" wines from KP. Essentially declassified GG. In 2017, most of this wine comes from Pettenthal. Even in a blind among seasoned Keller drinkers, they thought this was Pettenthal. You get the gist... It's crazy good value... That is if you can find it... Perhaps even rarer than the GG bottling.

Constantly evolving in the glass. Fruiter than the Pettenthal GG, and I feel... less dry extract. But it's got that smoky element that pervades in wines from the vineyard. Floral and yellow fruit, glacial, piercing minerality, very convincing finish. Another killer Keller!
— 8 days ago

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Katharina Wechsler

Benn Trocken Riesling 2013

Had higher expectations. Nevertheless, it's solid. Comes from Katharina's monopole at the edge of Aulerde (10%?). Cool 50 year-old vines. Mineral and powerful, but I was definitely craving more tension from the wine. Perhaps more a site specific thing - I found the same notes with Wittman's Aulerde on various occasions, and KP does not regard any of his holdings there as GG worthy (although this too isn't a GG, but you get the point). Alcohol and phenolics are a little obvious too at the moment, but that's just nitpicking. Still... a good wine. — 10 days ago

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Weingut Schätzel

Hipping Riesling 2014

Lyle Fass

Oh how hip I am! Hip Hip Hooray! Okay no more puns. Let’s get on with it. This is BONKERS! Deeply fruited nose and step up in intensity from the Ôlberg. Deep penetrating citrus oil aromas. So pure and defined. Cotton candy. Sweet pink grapefruit. White peach, nectarine, so so complex. Just sick. Has that 14 tension and energy. Deep wine and the echoes of the very well defined but very youthful citrus fruit coat your mouth. Huge acids and very very mineral but so so much under that has yet to reveal. Massive structure, power and concentration with just a long and super epic finish. Check back in 5 years but insane wine. So long. — 5 days ago

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Aaron Tan

Aaron Tan

Nice! Great to see you working with Kai. Helps that the man himself's a great bloke. For me, the Kabi's are the real winner. Pure energy! I don't mind austerity, but I sometimes still feel the dry selections are picked a touch too early. Then again, the Schatzel wines have a pretty unique touch. Have you tried the Pett auction bottling?
Lyle Fass

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@Aaron Tan the kabi’s are amazing but American Riesling geeks are pretty much dry or bust these days. Hard to sell classic Kabi. 50% of his stuff is Kabi and the auction ones are incredible wines. Nierstein has a long history with Kabinett and Spatlese for that matter. Kabinett is a religion as Kai says.
Lyle Fass

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@Aaron Tan I worked with 14 and 15 Pettenthal. GG. 16 is auction only now. I’ve tried the Pettenthal auction kabi in 16/15 as well. The magnum one. It’s best Kabinett in Germany.


Kallstadter Saumagen Spätlese Trocken Riesling 2000

The "lesser" of the two wines was the winner in this drink-off. Both difficult years, but the 00' had way more finesse than the 09'.

What a wine! Classic KR and typical Saumagen power. White flowers, chrysanthemum, rich fruit, salty, salty, special KR earthiness, and did I mention salty. As usual, I should mention this isn't for everyone - Bernd's barrels have got some special "dirt" in them. But for me, these wines are full of character and often not exemplifies the term power without weight!
— 4 days ago

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Interesting notes! Thanks.
Aaron Tan

Aaron Tan

@Trixie 🙏 KR's on fire with the recent vintages too i.e. 16's and the upcoming 17's!

Weingut Weltner

Rödelseer Trocken Riesling 2017

Vintage 2017 / Amazingly pretty #riesling from #franken (home of sylvaner of course). With a closed smell, very shy, but a vibrant taste with that slightly sweet touch and balance with high acidity that made it perfect for my starter at Sunday lunch, casarecci with chanterelles and pieds de mouton. Makes me very happy! — 2 days ago

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