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Zeltinger Schlossberg Schmitt Auslese Riesling 2016

In poetic prose, Terry Thiese’s review says nothing beyond this wine being “deeper than terroir.” Not a tangible note or descriptor. Indeed, it is so layered, multidimensional, constantly in motion with intersections of aromas, flavors, textures, and tone. Perhaps the best we can do is capture a snapshot of this spectacular Riesling Auslese in motion.

It’s beautifully expressive and exceedingly generous. A pale hay color and more reserved aromatically compared to the explosive flavor profile. Nose of spiced pineapple, bruised apple, and smokey fumey petrol. Full bodied, well balanced high acid that loses battle to dark buckwheat honeyed notes.

The finish lasts forever. Not satisfying. Not even a little bit.
— 5 days ago

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Dawn Emory

Dawn Emory

@Ely Cohn I want! Sounds amazing!
Ely Cohn

Ely Cohn

Thanks @Dawn Emory ! It clocks in at less than 8% abv so there is a good amount of residual sugar but it’s freakin delicious!


Riesling 2009

Ron R

Somewhat off-putting nose which is dominated by petrol. The palate however is on the opposite end of the continuum. The first thing that hits you is the viscosity and weight. It possesses an uncommon density for a Riesling. Notes of brown sugar and a hint of nutmeg combine with delicate acidity. Very sweet finish, similar to a dessert wine. A very pleasant surprise. — 8 days ago

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Ron R

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Thanks @Dawn Emory. We love art in many forms. We also consider wine to be an art-form. We are still renovating, but piece by piece, it’s coming together. Happy new year.
Byron C Mayes

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That looks interesting. I rarely hear a Reinhessen described as dense. Was this an estate wine?
Ron R

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This is an estate wine, @Byron C Mayes. I did a little research and found that wine Spectator rated it 95 pts. My knowledge of Riesling is wafer-thin, but I know a good wine when I taste it.

Weingut A.J. Adam

Hofberg Trocken Riesling 2015

A.J. Adam is on my top five of favorite producers of my favorite white grape. I adore all styles of Riesling, and while it happens that I may drink more Kabinett than anything, I like to juxtapose with drier styles whenever I can find good bottlings.

This is my first time trying the pale gold Trocken of the heralded Hofberg vineyard, some of the steepest dirt anywhere grapes grow on the planet. The 2015 was a warmer vintage and this one is less austere and steely than in previous cooler years. It has burnt matchstick, honey, lime blossom, and wet slate. It’s full bodied with striking acid and a powerhouse of flavors. Fumey petrol, grapefruit pith, and salty lime.

Citrus driven as cool smokey elements waft in the background.
— 15 days ago

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Chateau Grand Traverse

Dry Riesling 2017

This bone-dry Michigan Riesling is a mineral-driven wine. Light golden in color, it has a nose of citrus peel and a wet driveway. The aromas aren't terribly complex, but as Spencer Tracy said, “What’s there is cherce.” On the palate there are flavors of lemon and lime with a chalky minerality. Acidity is almost racy, certainly zippy enough to handle a sandwich or salad. The finish is lengthy and reminiscent of an older vintage Riesling, quite nice. — 5 days ago

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BattenfeldSpanier Am Schwarzen Herrgott Auslese Riesling 2017

Lyle Fass

My first Auslese from this site and it’s a doozy. Nose of saffron and apricot, with some other yet unidentifiable exotic spices. Peach, ripe pear, just gorgeous and so detailed. Palate is rich and refined and tastes like Riesling icing. Gorgeous. Some pineapple and ripe peach with scintillating acids and drop dead purity. Amazing balance. Special. What a wine. — 5 days ago

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Weingut Keller

Hubacker Riesling 2017

Better late than never, so... Happy New Year, Delectable 🎉🍾 To another year of great wines!

My NYE wine and what better wine to cap off the year than one I poked my nose in. The 2017 Hubacker is a real stunner. Power without weight! It's a term I certainly overuse, but I think the best wines all have this trait. Powerful, very ripe, and exotic, yet never tiresome with every sip. The finish is tart, zesty, and sappy. It doesn't quite have the laser precision, but the acidity's still very intense, just rounder. With air, more spice components appear on the palate and the stoney minerality appears to be clearer. It's so young - even after 3 days, none of that intense fruit has shed away. A great wine in the making!

The sheer presence of this wine reminds me of KP's older style. But this still feels like KP 2.0, especially in that finish and texture (it isn't quite as weighty as before). Doesn't matter, I love both styles.

Really happy to be sharing this wine with my loved ones. 2017 was tough on Hubacker. Picking it was a race against time. Disease pressure was high. Hail had damaged the grape skins earlier and there was a decent amount of rain during harvest. But KP's just a master act - his timing's impeccable, balancing the payoff between ripeness and rot.
— 21 days ago

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Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Spätlese "Jupp" Riesling 2017

Lyle Fass

From a site within Goldtropfchen this is an absolute stunner. 2017 sweet wines are 🔥🔥. Huge nose of apricot, minerals, sweet peaches, vulcanized rubber but in that Mosel way. So good. Amazing balance and richness. Like pink grapefruit with sugar on top and then a whiplash acidity, minerality and salinity. My god this is good. So clean and nimble while being intense and rich. The Mosel ballet. Finishes bone fry. Stunning wine. Coming to an inbox near you. — 7 days ago

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Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Spätlese Riesling Feinherb 2017

Lyle Fass

Beautiful nose. Floral, slate, minerals, hint of apricot and peach, palate is to die for, elegant and textured with incredibly focused fruit. More like fruit skin but so precise. Apricot and peach. Terrific freshness, balance and minerality. Delicate mineral finish. Lovely wine. Huge complexity on the finish. A true feinherb in that the sugar only adds a textural element. — 7 days ago

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Andreas Oster

Rheinhessen Eiswein

Vintage 2009 / nectar, with beautiful smell that expresses mango, ananas, passionfruit, peaches and apricot. Tastes great with a lot of butterscotch. It’s a curious bottle, with #Rheinhessen origin, bottled in Mosel. — 2 days ago

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Domaine de l'Oriel Claude Weinzorn

Brand Grand Cru Alsace Riesling

Really lovely Grand Cru Riesling for the price. It’s not easy to find these values anymore. Exuberant floral aromas, citrus and stone fruit flavors and subtle notes of ginger and fresh herbs. — 3 days ago

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