Port Blend

Taylor Fladgate

10 Year Old Tawny Porto Blend

I have not had 10-year in a while, tried 10/20/30/40 around holidays. Taylor's is now into its 4th century & one of the oldest Port houses. Last totally independent company of the original British Port houses, still family owned and managed. Aged for 10 years in oak casks. Amber color with aromas of sweet dried fruits and nutty notes. On the palate sweet ripe fruit in a nutty oak wrapper, some vanilla and ending with a raisin aftertaste. Smooth, consistent. Nice value. — 7 days ago

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Colheita Porto Port Blend 1950

bottled 2003, sweeter nose, more powerful not as elegant or balanced as 57, muddled mid palate, long finish, good, but somewhat disappointing probably due to extended time in bottle. — 17 days ago

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W. & J. Graham's

Vintage Port Blend 1963

nice medium red cherry color, great rich. fruity mid palate, more power than noval but terrific balance, a little heat on finish. Delicious — 17 days ago

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Taylor Fladgate

20 Years Old Tawny Port Blend

I tried 10/20/30/40 around holidays. 20-year, a personal favorite. Always amazed how good this is whenever I have a glass. Taylor run from Oporto by descendants of Yeatman & Fladgate families, both of which have been partners in the firm since 1830s. Complex aromas rich with dried fruits & nutty spice. On the palate apricot & sweet berry flavors with honey & toasted nut notes, well balanced nice acidity. Lingering finish ending smooth with oaky nutty character. Very Nice. Price keeps going up each year. — 7 days ago

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Kopka Colheita Port Blend 1937

Some bottle stink and a little dull due to extended time in bottle. But otherwise love the depth and complexity. Madeira like. If the nose cleaned up this would warrant a higher score. I bet a more recently bottled example would be stunning. Bottled in 1986. — 18 days ago

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Taylors Wines

Very Old Single Harvest Port Blend 1967

bottled 2016, very nice but more austere nose, good fruit but not as sweet as 68 Krohn, much better balanced, long finish — 17 days ago

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Vintage Porto 1922

light red brown color, fresh cherry menthol nose
Fresh cherry palate with long finish. Elegant and composed. Light and delicate. Remarkably youthful and fresh for its age, Seems younger than 1922. Some heat on finish
— 17 days ago

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Quinta do Noval

Vintage Port Blend 1963

medium red brown color, pretty and elegant cherry nose, fading fruit, some richness, balanced with good acidity, nice palate with spirit on finish. This is the more spirity version per others in group, other bottling is rounder with less heat — 17 days ago

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Vintage Port Blend 1985

Brilliant Taylor Porto, initially the tight structure of Taylor, but softened and balanced with the sweetness and ripeness of the 1985 vintage, just a lovely, complex Porto!! — 13 hours ago


Quinta da Cavadinha Vintage Port Blend 2001

Jan A

Solid, still powerful fruit — 4 days ago

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