Once Upon A Vine


Once Upon a Dream Merlot 2016

S Wood

Lots of story telling with Laurie and Maggie in palm desert 🏜. Quite lovely. Medium body, smooth finish — 2 months ago

Once Upon a Vine

The Big Bad Red California Red Blend

Nice and smooth red blend! Love the name and cute label. Went down easily for a nice Sunday evening glass of wine! 🍷 — 3 months ago

Haelee Kim
with Haelee

Once Upon a Vine

A Charming Pinot California Pinot Noir 2015

From my Prince Charming. Love this one. — 6 months ago

Château Ducru-Beaucaillou

Saint-Julien Red Bordeaux Blend 2012

Rather suddenly, and without much explanation, Bordeaux found itself in the middle of my crosshairs as being the next place I wanted to conduct a deep dive in. With this shift in my general attention from New World to Old World I began to do more research on the various appellations, prominent chateaus, and nuances of Left Bank and Right Bank, as well as compile a spreadsheet highlighting specific bottles I wanted to seek out. For a reason unbeknownst to me, Château Ducru-Beaucaillou was the producer I wanted to start my deep dive with. I researched the history of the chateaux, learned about their wines, priced out vintages that were immediately available for my acquisition, and added it to my Bordeaux spreadsheet, waiting for the time to pull the trigger and purchase a bottle (or two) to start the trek with. As far as wines are concerned it was all I could think about: Ducru-Beaucaillou. Apparently, the mere act of researching a chateau left me beguiled, craving a wine I had never even had before! With all of this research in mind I’ve learned over the years that as much as I thoroughly enjoy researching and trying wine, it’s certainly more enjoyable to share the knowledge and the experiences with others. Enter @codyuzzel, who has heard more than his fair share of my wine ramblings over the years. One day we began discussing Bordeaux, Left Bank v. Right bank, and changes in our thought patterns about the region over the years, which eventually lead him to asking the million-dollar question: Are there any producers you’ve highlighted that you’re particularly interested in? I told him that Ducru-Beaucaillou was in my crosshairs, along with a handful of other producers that I’d explore once I’d tried Ducru. That’s when he texted me the picture; a picture of him holding a glorious bottle of 2012 Ducru-Beaucaillou. “I took this pic before we started this conversation.” Given the serendipitous nature of this occurrence he extended an invitation to pop the cork upon our next meeting, which is interesting in and of itself given that I had been thinking about visiting him at the wine bar just earlier that day. It’s moments like these that truly make the wine journey a sweet and rewarding one. Thanks, Cody, for your generosity and epic invitations.
Anise, graphite, plums, and blackberries. Very polished and very delicious.
— 7 months ago

Cody Uzzel
with Cody
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@Ryan Vento Ryan Good post Cheers 🍷

Clarendon Hills

Old Vines Clarendon Grenache 2010

The 2010 ‘Romas’ is a dazzling effort at now nine years of age. Tannic and strangely backwards upon opening, this Grenache considerably benefits from a one hour decant. Once awoken, the wine shows a gorgeous array of aromatics from ripe rose petals to potpourri and exotic spices that meld with the deep red currants and red cherry compote that take shape in the glass. The soft, silky texture entices, as does the bright sense of minerality. Unveiling its plush mouthfeel, the ‘Romas’ plays with suggestions of kirsch cordial and boysenberry jam with minerals, orange zest and lovely earthy undertones. Complex and delightful at this stage, the 2010 ‘Romas’ will have at least another decade left in the cellar. Drink 2019-2033- 93 — a month ago

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Dr. Owen Bargreen

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@P A Cheers my friend 🍷
Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

I love this wine. Wish it cost less
Dr. Owen Bargreen

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@Hugh O'Riordan Yeah I really love these wines. They’re cellar so marvelously. Definitely not cheap!

Produttori del Barbaresco

Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2011

David T

A pre-tasting of my heavy meat red sauce in order to fine tune the spices and seasoning it before serving for 30 people for our friend’s 60th birthday party tomorrow night.

The sauce is 9 cans of whole tomato’s crushed & drained, 9 can cans of tomato sauce, 3 cans of tomato paste, 6.5 pound whole pork roast braised in diced garlic & olive oil that falls apart & shreds when done, 5 pepperoni sticks sliced, 4 pounds of meatballs (with Italian bread crumbs, garlic salt, coarse black pepper, eggs with warm water) and 14 seasonings & spices slow cooked over 36-48 hours. It’s a blend that once it’s done is magical harmony in the mouth like a well crafted & aged wine.

The wine works well but, I’ll have better pairing wines tomorrow night.

The nose reveals; dark, sweet & slightest sour dark cherries, cherry kirsch liqueur notes, ripe, bright blackberries, baked black plum, ripe, juicy, strawberries, slightly candied black raspberries, blue fruits, mixed berry cola, dry crushed rocks, limestone minerals, dry stems, soft, leaner, sweet, tarriness, touch of dry herbs with the most amazing, bright, red, dark blue florals, violets and shades of lavender.

The body is medium full, round with great mouth presence. The tannins nicely, rounded, slightly tarry and baby teeth. The tension, structure, length and balance have just started to tango. Dark, sweet & slightest sour dark cherries, cherry kirsch liqueur notes, ripe, bright blackberries, baked black plum, ripe, juicy, strawberries, slightly candied black raspberries, blue fruits, mixed berry cola, medium intensity dark spice with a little palate heat, dry crushed rocks, limestone minerals, dry stems, leathery, dry tobacco, shades of graphite, soft, leaner, sweet, tarriness, nutmeg, clove, a touch of dry herbs with the most amazing, bright, red, dark blue florals, violets and shades of lavender. The acidity is nicely executed. The long finish is nicely knitted, balanced fruit and earth, polished with soft, brilliant florals and persists minutes.

Third largest Co-op in Europe and they produce some quality wines. Especially, for the volume the make.

Delectable has this @ $99. I bought it at Costco upon release for $28.99.

Photos of, the beautiful, quaint hilltop town of Barbaresco, my meat sauce, their tasting room just to the right at the feet of the clock tower with Gaja just a little further down to the right of there and the best Michelin star restaurant we’ve experienced for lunch. We dined there right after our visit to Gaja. What service, food and a day!
— 3 months ago

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@David T David Thanks Cheers 🍷🇺🇸🇨🇦
Deborah M

Deborah M

That sounds amazing
Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Habanero is Portuguese for Harmony, so throw a couple in the mix

Relic Wines

Old Vines Frediani Vineyard Petite Sirah 2016

Sourced from the Alfred Frediani Vineyard in Calistoga this Old-Vine Petite Sirah absolutely phenomenal. The 100% Petite Sirah spent 21 months in 50% new French Oak barrels and it immediately begins to impress once in the glass. It offers seductive aromatics of ripe blackberry cobbler and dark cherries, which are joined by dried loam, violets, sweet exotic spices, crushed rocks and a dusting of roasted cocoa beans all coming together beautifully. On the palate this is full-bodied and opulent, with big polished tannins framing the rich layered texture that is well balanced and remains fresh and inviting. This goes on to impress with its incredible ripe, dense core, which is marked by flavors of dark fruits, sweet spices and a loamy character that expands through the long enveloping finish. A fabulous job by winemaker Mike Hirby to make such a profound wine without jeopardizing balance and sense of terroir. This Petite Sirah is a total knockout that is nothing short of absolutely delicious today, and should continue to drink marvelously for years to come. — 2 months ago

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@Joe D'Angelo Joe Nice post Cheers 🍷

Vine Hill Ranch

VHR Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon

Red and dark cherries, licorice, dark chocolate, and spices. An opulent wine with a fabulous finish. My wife says “jewel tones” - I like it! Needs a couple of hours to decant — fabulous once you do. — 3 months ago

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David L

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Made just a bit. Hard bottle to find. Cheers
John Malcolm

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Thanks. I get as much VHR whenever I can.

Beaux Frères

Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2011

Currently a bit muted upon opening, the 2011 Beaux Freres ‘Willamette Valley’ Pinot Noir needs more than a one hour decant prior to enjoying at this juncture. Once aroused this awakens to beautiful citrus tones and red fruit aromatics that build in the glass. The palate shows a really good texture and roundness with delicate pomegranate seed, red cherry candy and blood orange flavors that entice. There his a good elegance to this lighter style Pinot Noir. Drinking nicely now, this has another six plus years of life left. Drink 2019-2026- 92 — 8 months ago

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Old Vine Lime Kiln Valley Cabernet Pfeffer 2016

This is a lively changling. At once trousseau, light syrah, Gamay, and even a little cab franc funk on the nose. Will hold my other bottle to see what some age brings. — 8 months ago

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