Missouri Norton 2018

Dry, medium body, Missouri state grape — a month ago

Stone Hill Winery

Estate Bottled Hermann Norton 2015

Overwhelming oak on day 1, really resolved itself ~36 hours later. High acid, pleasant brambliness — 2 months ago

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Baker Bird Winery

Cabernet Franc

Kentucky Cab Franc! Gorgeous hidden gem from oldest winery in America (or so says the label)! Gorgeous nose of savage cherry fruit scented with herbal-tinged, foresty floor funky spicy loamy madness. Reminds me of Norton from Virginia. Impressive extraction sturdy tannins and juicy acidity carried flavors through persistent finish. This was absolutely Kick Ass! — 3 months ago

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Bodega Norton

1895 Colección Cabernet Sauvignon 1895

House wine at El Establo, BsAs, U$D 3.00 (ARS 190). W LJB — 25 days ago

Norton Ridge

California Cabernet Sauvignon 2016


Fruity undertone with a deep velvety note. Would drink again — a month ago

Bodega Norton

Privada Family Blend 2015

Spicy, juicy and just the right amount of full! Felt like I was in an upscale restaurant environment just from the taste! Merlot, Malbec and Cab. (Vin) — 3 months ago

Ridge Vineyards

Geyserville Sonoma County Zinfandel Blend 2017

The first European grapes were planted in what is now the U.S. in the 1600s, where Spanish missionaries in New Mexico needed sacramental wine. But Phylloxera was ever-present near the eastern population centers, so the earliest American wine industries were built on hybrid grapes. Cincinnati's sparkling Catawba was America's first cult wine, followed by cultivars like Norton, Isabella, and Concord in Missouri and Virginia. The sleeping giant began to awaken in the 1850s, when Agoston Haraszthy began importing high-quality vine material to California.

It all came crashing down with Prohibition in 1920. Not only were vineyards ripped up and knowledge lost, but the American palate became soft and sweet. Low-quality fortified wine from whatever grapes were available became the standard of the American wine industry.

Things began to shift in the 1960s. Robert Mondavi brought dry table wine, varietally labeled, back to the forefront. Boutique producers like Ridge began to creep toward European quality standards. The 1976 Judgement of Paris blind tasting, a sweeping victory for the Americans, proved that the New World wine was here to stay.

(This is adapted from notes for Le Dû's Wines 'History of Wine 1453AD-Present' seminar, where this wine was poured)
— 4 months ago

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@Connor Smith Connor Enjoyed reading your history of wine in six bottles. Thanks and Cheers from Canada 🍷🇺🇸🇨🇦

Bodega Norton

Barrel Select Mendoza Malbec 2019

Vermelho intenso e bom corpo. Aroma muito agradável, lembrando flores e frutas. O sabor é bom, com muito leve sensação de tanino, sem marca de amadeiramento ou sensação alcoólica. Achei um bom vinho, dá a impressão de vinho delicado. — a month ago

Bodega Norton

D.O.C. Lujan De Cuyo Malbec 2015

Muy buen malbec de cuerpo robusto — 2 months ago

Maria Elena Torres
with Maria

Bodega Norton

Reserva Mendoza Malbec

Loved it with a cigar — 3 months ago