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Indaco Toscana Merlot Sangiovese Rosato 2019

InSerrata Indaco Rosato Toscana 2019 Tuscany, Italy

This week's
#MerlotThursday is an interesting Rosé from Italy.

Neon orange in color with a peachy hue.

Strong nose of over ripen citrus fruits, apples, spices, light vegetables, cherries and raspberries.

Medium plus in body with medium acidity and long legs.

Dry on the palate with apples, citrus, raspberries, ripe limes, almonds, bitter herbs, earth and vegetables.

Spicy finish with bitter herbs.

This is an elegant Merlot based Rosé from Tuscany.

Soft and smooth with a nice mouthfeel. Gets earthier once it opens up.

Easy drinking and good by itself or with food. Paired nicely with Brie cheese and fresh berries.

A blend of 70% Merlot and 30% Sangiovese. Organic.

13.5% alcohol by volume.

89 points.

— 4 days ago

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California Rose Zinfandel 2020

11.9% ABV Neon color, watermelon. Add cherry on second night. — 3 months ago

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La Mancha Orange Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc

Neon orange wine woot!!! A ton of apricot action and I love that it has depth at value. I’m in on this always! — 9 months ago

J. Lohr

Wildflower Monterey Valdiguié 2017

I quite like this wine… the color is exceptional, almost neon! It’s a fresh young wine, the epitome of glou glou. Think Gamay. The 2017 vintage is the shit. — a year ago

Neon Jungle


Soft, dry. Dark fruits — a month ago

Jose Zuccardi

Valle de Uco Malbec 2016

Paired this with some sick ribeyes on the big green egg. Was expecting this wine to be bigger, but that’s ok. The tartness cut through the fatty chunks of the ribeye. Neon purple on the rim. Long finish. — 3 months ago

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Somlói Apátsági Pince

Juhfark 2013

Alder Yarrow

There is really only one grape variety that I know of in the world that deserves to always have an exclamation mark: Juhfark! Or as I like to shout, Juhfaaaaaaaark! (pronounced you-fark). Grown only on the tiny little hill of Somló, an ancient underwater volcano, in Southwestern Hungary, it is among my favorite grape varieties and simply one of the world’s coolest wines. @sap_somlo is one of the best producers of it, coaxing out its bee pollen and chamomile scents and electric neon lemon, citrus peel, and yellow herb flavors, all layered on top of the deep volcanic minerality. The longer you let these wines age, the more they taste like rocks. Tired of the same old flavors in your white wines? Get thee some Juhfark! — 8 months ago

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Bounty Hunter

Blind Justice Beckstoffer to Kalon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

2018 vintage. More old-school styled for this vineyard and none of the flash, lowered, tricked out, neon and spinner rims in the tasting profile. Back (hopefully) to the future! — 2 months ago

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Patent Wines

Oak Knoll Rosé Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

Patent Wines Oak Knoll Rosé 2021 Napa Valley, California

Neon pink in color.

Strong fruity nose of roses, candid cherries, wildflowers, sweet strawberries, citrus, melons and lemons.

Medium bodied and refreshing, with medium acidity.

Dry on the palate lemons, citrus, cherries, apples, raspberries, pears light spices, light vegetables and white pepper.

Long finish with tangy raspberries.

This is a delicious Rosé from Napa Valley.

Showing mild complexity with a nice mouthfeel. Nicely balanced and easy drinking.

This Single Vineyard is tangy, fresh and rich. Alcohol is nicely integrated.

A great pool wine and good for parties too.

Very tasty, and good by itself or with food. Paired wonderfully with sushi.

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were hand harvested. A tiny production of only 70 cases.

14.2% alcohol by volume.

91 points.

— 3 months ago

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Tupps Brewery

DDHIPA The Full Nelson

Cloudy yellow of old bones crowns the roiling trove. This one came in costume, as a peel reveals the sour ‘neon shades’ of its former life. Nelson Sauvin, you rascal! Prickly pear flavor suspended in a mucilaginous grapefruit, pomegranate, and lemon oil jell-o. Thin skin orange with pith, salty lime, peppery green grapes, and pine. Can’t quite put a finger on what makes this so dang enjoyable, but there it is. Sparkly, minerally, for sure, but tropical with crystalline pineapple, like a rocky wood that ends on a tropical beach. Eco-dichotomy. .
#tuppsbrewery #txbeer #texasbeer #tuppsddhipa #tuppsthefullnelson #nelsonsauvin #hops #beer #bier #birra #biere #cerveza
— 10 months ago

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