Nahe, Germany

K.H. Schneider

Felsenberg Riesling Spatlese 2016

@delectable Felsenberg riesling SPATLESE There is an auslese as well.

Nose is initially lychee. Then turns clean tropical. Palate is amazing. Clean tropical with great minerality. So fresh. Crunchy. Much less heavy than most Nahe dessert wines. Or even most mosel ones other than say muellen. Almost the freshness of a Feinberg crossed with the density of a spatlese. Very different. Having with 7 year old red cow Parmesan. Geek balling. ;-).
— 9 days ago

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Weissherbst Spätburgunder Rose 2017

Dubbed the perfect summer wine by my wife, not too dry, not sweet, not too alcoholly. Yes that’s right alcoholly. Really good. The color is deceptive, you may not think this is a Rose, but a white wine (Blanc du blanc), beautiful color. The wine store manager said this is “delicious af.” We agree with her. Hexamer hit it out of the vineyard. — 13 days ago


Monzinger Halenberg Riesling Auf der Lay 2017

Tasting this was like entering a massive cave through a narrow opening. It starts off light, almost like water, then when it all seems a little ungiving, it expands into a palate-coating monster of great depth, purity, and length. You just can't tell how deep the cave is, but know for certain that you've just stumbled upon one of the great wonders of the world, and in this case, riesling. Aptly bottled in magnums and double magnums only, because this is a wine for the ages and one for sharing.

I loved this at the VDP auctions nearly 9 months ago, and still love it now. I feel it's even more open than before, with the nose clearly showing more than my previous notes - stone fruits, chamomile, sage, aniseed, sea spray. Discounting KP's mind-bending 15' Pettenthal TBA and 17' Pettenthal GG, the 17' AdL is my wine-of-the-2018 VDP auctions, mainly because you can still afford to buy it's brilliance. If you find bottles, pounce on them!
— a month ago

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Aaron Tan

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Weingut W. Schweinhardt

Löhrer Berg Riesling 2016

Star bright straw gold in the glass. Shy nose of quince-y green apple. Firm, bracing acidity (the decanter is your friend) introduces a medium light palate of flinty green apple and dried white flowers. Finish is long, but has a fading character: it fades out gradually. For a long time i thought that German Riesling lost some of its character when it’s fermented dry, and to an extent I still do. Still, there are numerous examples of Trocken that display a character of their own. This is one. Not quite as much as a dry Mosel, but definitely more than in a dry Rhein. Rich terrestrial white wine fare (pork, of course) is a natural pair. — 16 days ago

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Joh. Bapt. Schäfer

Goldloch Riesling 2017

This was my favourite in a very interesting blind tasting involving 17' rieslings from 4 different German regions - Nahe, Rheinhessen, Rheingau, and Pfalz. The wines were hauntingly similar at the start, but started to reveal themselves when left to their own devices. The tasting reinforced my belief that German rieslings best show their terrior aged or post-ferment, unsulphured and straight from the tank/barrel.

Regardless, I kept coming back to this wine. It was perhaps the most open of the lot. I guess the vineyard does help here, given the typical opulence of Goldloch - something I picked up while helping Caroline at Diel. The nose definitely shows some ripeness, with apricots and quince dominating, but pulled back with aromas of fresh herbs. The palate's fleshy and salty, with some spicy intrigue, oily texture, and a driven acidity. It's so drinkable at the moment.

NB: I think I need to pay a little more attention to JB Schafer after this. I gotta admit, I might have gravitated towards the Wagner-Stempel if it wasn't a blind. JB Schafer doesn't have the rep yet, espeically given how little their kabi sold for in the last VDP auctions, but I reckon riesling drinkers will be caught off guard in the future if this winery continues in this trajectory.
— a month ago

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Weingut Göttelmann

Münsterer Rheinberg Riesling Auslese*** 2004

Amber, light orange colour. Intense flavors of tangerine, orange rind and marzipan. Long and spicy finish. Although this is very sweet and concentrated, there’s enough acidity to keep it fresh and drinkable.
From a 0,500l.
— 25 days ago

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GG Hermannshöhle Riesling 2017

This is already a real beauty now and can only further improve ! — 6 days ago

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"Quarzít" Riesling 2015

Buckets of rocks cut with whole honeycomb and then tossed with bourbon vanilla. Sweet enough to be a dessert on it’s own but was a good foil for spicy Thai food, too. — 6 days ago

K.H. Schneider

Domberg Riesling 2015

Ridiculous Riesling. Lemon-drenched peach slices, with nice slatey minerality in the nose. Round but dry and intensely mineral in the mouth. Really nice acids too. Crazy length, mouthwatering the whole time. A great wine — 22 days ago

Lyle Fass
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Lyle Fass

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Most underrated in my whole book


Pinot Noir Rosé Dry 2018

Another pleasant surprise from Germany.
Great value rose, squirrelly label.
— 9 days ago

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