Muscat Of Alexandria

Almanac Beer Company

White Label Farm to Barrel Beer 2017

Bottled 3/23/2017. One of the best beer/wine sours that I’ve had. Mild brett aromas, tingly tartness and full body, then a peppery fruity white wine finish that went on for minutes! — 2 days ago

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La Gorda Yori Muscat 2019

Cloudy deep cold; pronounced intensity aromas of white grapefruit, musky nectarine, peach skin, ripe apricot, peach candy, candied grapefruit, rose petals, savory yeast notes; off dry, medium plus acid, medium minus tannins, high alcohol, full body, pronounced intensity flavors consistent with aromas; medium plus finish, very pronounced interesting flavors and aromas, very unique, outstanding — a month ago

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Allison Lyzenga

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@Severn Goodwin Hahaha! Yeah, all of this producer’s labels are pretty wild. I’ll post some more.
Allison Lyzenga

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@Severn Goodwin Wait til you see their other labels 😂
Allison Lyzenga

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@Severn Goodwin Haha. Wait til you see their other labels 😂

La Nicchia

Passito di Pantelleria Muscat of Alexandria

La Nicchia - Passito di Pantelleria — a month ago

Manolis Garalis

Terra Ambera Muscat of Alexandria

Dry January just got a little moister with this soggy sipper. — 2 days ago

Clos Lentiscus

Gubi Gubi Muscat of Alexandria Sumoll

Fizzy cherry chapstick — 19 days ago

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Clothing Optional

Chalone Muscat 2016

Extended elevage natty blend of muscat, chenin, roussanne, marsanne & viognier. Electric fruity fuzzbox. — a month ago

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Forlorn Hope

Queen of the Sierra Skin Fermented Chardonnay Blend

Pine, sap, salty water, minerals on the nose. Strong flavors of apricots and notes of sage, rosemary, peppercorns. — 25 days ago

Cheylsea Lauren

Cheylsea Lauren

Ugh I have been looking for this everywhere!!

Hillside Estate

Muscat Ottonel 2017

This is a delicate wine with medium body, medium acidity and very light gold colouring. Not overly sweet, but still pairing well with spicy Asian cuisine the nose is very floral with notes of honeysuckle and orange blossom and the palate is semi-dry reminding me of pear and a hint of honey. Quite a lovely wine from the Canadian Okanagan. — 7 days ago

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Clot de l'Origine

Le Trouble Fait Muscat Petit Grain 2019

100% Muscat, 3 weeks skin contact Orange Wine, Natural Wine, Biodynamic. 12% ABV.

Almost Neutral nose some floral and apple cider type notes.

Dry apple cider, earthy notes, dried apricot, hint of bitter candied orange, fine tannin texture. Food wine.

Slightest of cloudiness with some sediment noticeable in bottle. Med+ acidity.,

Not as exciting as L'Original which is an orange wine by same producer, featuring one of my favorite varietals, Macabeu. Wine quality and style are still fantastic, in ‘Le Trouble Fait’. Happy with my purchase decision, and will continue to keep an eye out for and recommend wines by Marc Barriot.

Was expecting more floral and fruit, as experienced with ‘ZBO’ by Brash Higgins, and ‘Small Batch Series Viognier’ by King Family.
— 10 days ago

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