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Relic Wines

Ritual Napa Valley Mourvedre Blend 2011

Playing a little catch up.... I have some younger Archive, which I was going to open within a couple of years. However, this GSM blend crafted in a year arguably more difficult has really made me rethink my decision. This wine is doing just fine tonight. Took about 45 minutes for some of the oddities to blow off. Started with an orange rind kind of note which did resolve. The nose at first was brambleberry, ginger, tangerine, herbs, black cherry and flowers. The entry after 30-45 minutes was more on the black cherry and brambleberry side. Wildflowers. The nose never quite blew off that tangerine note, but the palate went solid red and herbal and even drew some green olive and tobacco to the middle. Good acidity from front to back. These wines are very well made. I do not believe that this one is on the way down, but it certainly isn't going to get any better so this is the time to start enjoying these if you have not done so already! — 4 days ago

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Sans Liege

The Prophetess Syrah Mourvedre

2012/2013 blend of73% Syrah and 27% Mourvèdre. 15.4% Alcohol. Big fruit with silky mouthfeel. Yum, what? It’s gone? — 8 days ago

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Sea Horse Winery

Antoine Tête de Cuvée Syrah Blend 2012

was hoping for wow and it is a wow.

10 years of marriage today.
things didn't go well all through. but we matured surprisingly well.
this is the oldest wine i had (in terms of years passed from bottling).

i was lucky to help again sorting 🍇 after 2019 harvesting at seahorse winery. it was Petit syrah this time.

after a hard day laboring (back hurt for two weeks following intensive yet pleasurable 'punch down') they said: pick a bottle

i took this 2012 gsm (sgm really) which was bottled same day.

72% syrah
16% grenache
12% mourvadre

14% ABV

dense red with some blueness and thick legs👀

green funkness, tobbaco, mushrooms, wet leaves and ripe black fruit 👃

medium + body.
high bursting acidity.

black fruit ruling with green notes, tartness and pepper. some sweetness felt at the back👄

long 🎯 with tannins that are soft and pleasant and take their time before leaving.

it took it's time.
opened and chilled in the refrigerator 2 hours before drinking.

started as: that is nice but no wowness.
as it warmed up and had more air it brcame what it's supposed to be:
complex balanced superb spicy juice.

not sure how much they charge but excellent vfm for sure.

on its own it was great after opening up.
sourdough bread with 🐐butter and unknown stinky yellow 🧀 made it juicier and spice was stronger.
great sicilian style home made caponata had the same effect.

seahorse winery getting a 🏆again? for shizzle.

same wine after 10 years more of marriage would probably be even better.
— 12 hours ago

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James Berry Vineyard Grenache Blend 2013

Shay A

Monthly WTF group recap. Theme this month was “bring something special”. Normally we taste all of the wines blind, but we decided to do a relaxed night with amazing wines at a great restaurant. Spectacular evening!

I normally lean toward Syrah dominant wines, but I’m really starting to appreciate Saxum’s play on Grenache. Lots of spiced red fruits here like rhubarb and peppercorn dusted black cherries with some sweet baking spices. Great acidity here and not remotely close to tasting like its ABV. Palate is similar to the aromatics with bright red fruit but has a core of black peppercorn, jerky and underripe blackberries. Very good right now.
— 3 days ago

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Bryan Kesting

Bryan Kesting Premium Badge

@Shay A : These are always special wines...
Shay A

Shay A Influencer Badge Premium Badge

@Bryan Kesting : Agreed. I think I prefer Saxum’s Grenache wines over their Syrah wines...can’t believe I’m saying that!

Stolpman Vineyards

Own Rooted Field Blend Mourvedre Blend

The theory goes that own rooted vines mature quicker than grafted. Side by side, they produce more concentrated flavors and aroma. Seems so in this case - this 2018 fetus of a wine is a concentrated flavorful paradox of dense and fresh.

Smokey dark berries with all the Syrah herbs. Flavors of cigar, cherry cola, and German chocolate cake. Slippy texture, Trojan horse tannins on top of a big 14%+ ABV.
— 17 days ago

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Ely Cohn

Ely Cohn

@Hugh O'Riordan they are vines planted directly into the ground vs grafted. There is a bigger chance for phylloxera with own rooted...which is why grafted became a thing...
Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

Thanks. I’ll ask about the vines during my wine adventures. Hugh
Jay Kline

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@Hugh O'Riordan Most vitis vinifera globally are grafted to American root stock because it is more resistant to phylloxera. However, phylloxera doesn’t seem to like soils with high concentrations of sand so those vineyards are often unaffected by the louse and, as such, many vines remain ungrafted.

Aaron Jackson Wines

Trespasser Petite Sirah Blend 2016

Jake H

A rich and delicious blend. On first opening it was sweet fruited and rather simple. However, after about 2 hrs of decanting fruitiness gave way to an excellent earthy character that balanced the structure perfectly. The wine is dark fruited, lightly spicy (black pepper/baking spice) and forest floor earthy. Hints of fig and dried plum round out the body that finishes long. Drinkable on its own but would also be excellent with rosemary and mint lamb or fall vegetable dishes. Nicely done. Should age well for at least a decade. — 5 days ago

Château Vannières

Bandol Mourvedre Blend 2010

An interesting evolution. Started off with Port/PX Sherry notes, then became super lively about an hour in. Tannins and acid started showing up spades. Oxygen activated! — 3 days ago

Thomas Weber
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Two Shepherds

Pastoral Rouge Red Rhone Blend 2014

Rockstar Rhône over tasted over two evenings. More winemakers are starting to catch on to the savory and nuanced wines William Allen has always crafted. — 3 days ago

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Betz Family Winery

Bésoleil Grenache Blend 2012

Really nice Grenache-heavy blend. Nice smokiness to it. Would still hold for several years. — 9 days ago

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Epoch Estate Wines

Ingenuity Red Rhone Blend 2013

Yes yes yes. GSM from Paso. There are things that make you happy, and this is one of them. New world wine at its finest. Not a huge nose, but rich opulent mouthfeel, with coco and expresso and olive tapenade on the pallet mixed with black fruit. 20second finish leaves you wanting more and more. — 17 days ago

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