Mourvedre Blend

Domaine Tempier

Cuvée La Tourtine Bandol Mourvedre Blend 2014

Played second fiddle to a Dominus, but showed so well. Mourvèdre has been my personal grape of choice lately, and this beauty delivered. A stink bomb on the nose with mineral ore and macerated cherries on the pallet. This bad boy can go the distance and look forward to more of this in the future — 2 days ago

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Saxum Vineyards

Heart Stone Vineyard Syrah Blend 2005

Earthy, brambly, boysenberry, cocoa, blue stone, ... basically what I imagine a whole vineyard jammed in a blender would taste like.... awesome! 14 years mature and in good shape. Saxum elevated the Thanksgiving turkey! — 10 days ago

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Château Mont-Redon

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend 2012

Starts with a spicy nose followed by a sweet one, round, fruity mouthfeel, soft but also intense. Long fruity finish. Superb effort! Bravo 👏 — 3 days ago

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Booker Vineyard

Vertigo Paso Robles Grenache Blend 2017

Young, yet approachable GSM. Needs at least an hour of air at this point. Always solid! — 2 days ago

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California Mourvedre 2016

Shay A

November’s 4th Friday was a big hit. There is no way I’ll be able to upload all the wines, nor give them the reviews they deserve, but there were a few worthy of mentioning!

The best Mourvèdre I’ve ever had. Spell binding stuff. Seductive like aromatics of sweet and gummy blue and black fruits wrapped in clove and sandalwood. Lighter on the palate than Andremily’s Syrah. Crunchy blueberries, puréed blackberries, sweet smoke, baking spices and graphite. Can only imagine how good this will be in a few years. Thanks
@Keith Fisher
— 6 days ago

joe leatherwoodWeston Eidson
with joe and Weston
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Ron R

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Rudius do a great Mourvèdre. Give it a whirl.
Shay A

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@Ron R : Haven’t had anything from Rudius, actually. Thanks for the tip.
Bryan Kesting

Bryan Kesting Premium Badge

@Shay A: great to hear the nice reviews on this wine. I figured I may need to hold mine for several years before drinking. Great pull@Keith Fisher


Exert Syrah Blend 2015

Kirk F

Amazing after 2 hour decant. @Stanley Barrios great recommendation. Stunning wine. — 3 days ago

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Linne Calodo

Problem Child Zinfandel Blend

Linne amazes again. Fragrant nose. Sublime mouthfeel with tons of red and black fruit. Integrated tannins in this beautiful Zin blend. — 12 days ago

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Dirty & Rowdy

Shake Ridge Ranch Mourvedre 2016

Typical Dirty and Rowdy fashion. Shake Ridge fruit has always been interesting to me. The nose tends to be much more pronounced than other Dirty and Rowdy Mourvèdre’s. Strawberries, canned cranberries, orange zest. Little grip on the mouth. Cannot wait to see how this wine evolves. Fantastic Thanksgiving wine! — 11 days ago

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Bryan Kesting

Bryan Kesting Premium Badge

@Arden Barnett: I think this is always a fun wine. Lighter bodied red that I imagine paired well with your Thanksgiving meal.
Tyler Martinelli

Tyler Martinelli

I had the 2018! Really cool stuff.

Domaine Rimbert

Le Mas au Schiste Saint-Chinian Carignan Blend 2016

Any producer that can somehow bring sadomasochism into wine should be congratulated. I had this several years ago and it’s interesting how it’s changed. It’s become more brutish, pun intended. it’s a bigger wine. In the past I loved it’s cinnamon notes and lighter texture but now it feels like there’s more Syrah or perhaps global warming has just caught up to it. Berkshires buy, from the summer. — 21 days ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Fascinating to see how wine develops. Nice description.

Booker Vineyard

Oublié Red Rhone Blend 2016

With a lot of air this was so delicious. Bold dark fruit that probably needs a few more years to find its fullest expression. Definitely going to get more of this. — 13 days ago

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