Midland Construction

Midland Construction

Shenandoah Valley Riesling

Very good. There's a fullness to it at the end. Watermelon. Grapefruit. — 2 months ago

McHenry Vineyard

Massaro Vineyard Pinot Noir 1999

This is a long story but worth the read. McHenry Vineyard, which is own-rooted and dry-farmed, was replanted back in the 90’s. While they waited for their vines to mature, they purchased some fruit and this is one of those examples.

The first time I ever had this wine was back in 2007 with some dear friends of ours, celebrating a birthday. Her father was a construction executive who periodically travelled to the Bay Area and happened to bring a few bottles of McHenry back on one of his trips. I was early in my wine journey and remember thinking back then, “This wine is gorgeous and, wow, has it aged really well…for a California Pinot Noir”. In that instant, McHenry became a darling winery for me and I have been enjoying their wines ever since.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2019 when I first visited the vineyard. I mentioned to Brandon that my introduction to McHenry wines was the 1999 Massaro Vineyard and before I new it, he had pulled a bottle from the library. The wine instantly brought me back to that experience in 2007. He even agreed to sell me a bottle to take with me too! Anyway, on this night, since I was with the same group of friends from my first experience 13 years ago.

In the glass, this shows signs of age. There is some sediment and the rim shows a slight brownish tint. On the nose, the fruit is still very alive! A mix of dark and red fruits are the predominate feature but secondary characteristics of mushrooms, leather and damp earth are riding shotgun. On the palate, dried dark and red fruits with mushrooms. The finish is long and satisfying…almost candied in a way. The wonderful structure that McHenry wines are known for has done its job and there’s still life in this bottle and worked very well with the meal.

If you’re still reading this, I should share that McHenry Vineyard suffered heavy damage due to the CZU Lightning Complex fires. The winery, one of the dwellings, their well system and their entire library was lost. The vineyard itself sustained some damage but should be okay. The 2020 crop is a complete write-off. That being said, they were able to secure some fruit from the Christie Vineyard in Corralitos so there will be a small 2020 vintage after all. The family’s heart remains bound to this land up on Bonny Doon and their special vineyard. They are already in the process of rebuilding and I, for one, am very much looking forward to drinking their wines long into the future.
— 4 months ago

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Jay Kline

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@Ira Schwartz thanks for reading!! ✊🏽
David T

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Nice story. It’s unfortunate the tragedies that can befall producers. It made think back to my trip to Alsace in 2015. Hearing their stories of phylloxera in the latter 1800’s and German tanks rolling over their vineyards in WWI & WWII. That’s a lot unfortunate replanting. Cheers! 🍷
Jay Kline

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@David T no doubt...the lives of farmers. One of the reasons why the Hochar family are hero’s of mine.

Produttori del Barbaresco

Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2012

Nothing puzzling about this wine - delicious, a subtle cherry blow pop and road construction, everything in balance — 2 months ago

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Moussé Fils

'Special Club' Les Fortes de Terres Brut 2015

🏅Rating 92+/100 (4,25⭐)

Cédric Moussé is the fourth generation of his family to make champagne at Moussé Fils. He is young, energetic and innovative.

In 2012, Mousse completed construction of a new winery in Cuisles, designed to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. It is state of the tech art.

In 2005, Moussé joined the Club Trésors de Champagne, and began making a Spécial Club champagne in that vintage. It's the first 100-percent meunier champagne in the history of the Club.

Single vineyard Meunier comes from 4 plots in lieu-dit “Les Fortes Terres”.

Pale pink gold colour. Crushed almonds, raspberry and strawberry with splash of milk (full malo). Reductive winemaking puts emphasis on the purity of the fruit! 1g/l dosage is enough to balance. Broad-shouldered on the palate. Dry long finish. Spent over 3 years sur lee and disg. 10/2019

Solar 2015 vintage speaks from the glass. Overall that was a warm year which started with a mild and humid winter, followed by quite a dry spring and summer. Harvest started on the 9th of September.

This is one of Champagne's finest examples of pure meunier!

Instagram: @wine_talks_club
— 6 months ago

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Linea Coombsville Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Dancing fruit, notes of melon, exquisite construction — a year ago

Jeff OrlowskiJoe Roth
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Isenhower Cellars

Yakima Valley Vin Gris Pinot Gris 2018

Salmon pink with orange iridescence; make of that what you like. Excellent clarity. This is Isenhower’s sole “orange wine”, so I’m assessing this in that context. Fruity, stone fruit and floral notes in nose. Maybe peach and honey notes in flavor, but there’s some undefinable note there with depth. (Mint? Herb? Or only peach?) Tart, slightly bitter peach peel flavor, moderate skin astringency. Almost dry but fruity. Good acidity and roundedness of mouthfeel alongside that assertive yet narrow (by tannin weight) range of skin astringency. I have mixed feelings about this wine but admire the craft behind its construction. This wine is pushing what a Pinot Gris can be in this style. I’d compare it with past vintages of Cameron’s orange wines (out of Oregon). I’m still learning about orange wines and developing my own sense of what a “superior” orange wine might taste like. This one helps me think about how I should think about that question, and where the “boundaries” ought to be... — 2 years ago

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A refreshing wine from your description. Petty color. 🥂
David Shaw

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Strangely, it’s not really refreshing like a rosé or white wine, but more like a red wine with less heaviness, lower alcohol than a red, less color, but almost the same tannins. An orange wine is like a “noir de blanc”, a red wine made from white grapes. A bit strange to taste, at first. I’m still searching for the ones I like best. Cameron and Love and Squalor are the two best I’ve had out of Oregon. This is close (WA state). I’ve had an Italian and a French orange wine but just need to try more... Think of the category as a light fruity mouthful of tannins, so “not refreshing”, really, but fun

Midland Construction

Shenandoah Cabernet Fränkisch 2018

Nice and heavy on the tongue. Very interesting complex flavors. — 2 months ago

Georgiev / Milkov

Pet Nat Funky Mavrud MAVRUD 2019

This was a fun find at Calvert Woodley. Fizzy. Despite that it had some elegance in construction; minerality, tiny yeasty notes, golden fruit. It washed down the evening’s viewing of the American insurrection. — 3 months ago

Vicki Sliwa
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Quinta Vale D. Maria ( Quinta Vale Dona Maria )

Reserva Porto

Lot No. 16 - don’t know exactly what the “lot #s” mean, and the website is under construction. Vintage? But it isn’t a vintage or LBV. Predominant year in the blend? Bottled in 2018. I found this really unusual, in a good way, for a ruby port. It has a dusky, dry tannic character. But silky smooth. Reminds me of tea and raisins, and maybe dried blueberries. Really like this. — 8 months ago

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Veritas Vineyard

Kenmar Monticello Viognier 2012

At 7 yrs old, I felt this was at its plateau (or a touch past?).... however the viscosity and acid balance was still very nice… Where this finds an average score is in the fruit profile – not the construction quality. Still enjoyable with elements like cheesecake or Keylime pie! — a year ago