Michael Gindl

Michael Shaps

En Hommage Odette White Belnd 2016

Enjoyed on Thanksgiving. A lovely Virginia white blend. Beautiful aromas and balance make this an easy sipper. — 2 months ago

Katie Barranger
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Michael Fröhlich

Escherndorfer Lump Silvaner 2015

Erste Lage Silvaner from Franken, Oily texture and phenolic bitterness suggests some moderate skin contact. A delight with white peach, plums, and kumquat. — 22 days ago

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Michael David Winery (Michael & David Phillips)

Gluttony Zinfandel

💪👍 Gluttonous. Big, bold and flavorful. Another enjoyable, robust zin from Michael David. — 2 days ago

Kellerei St. Michael-Eppan

Riserva Alto Adige Pinot Noir 2017


Sehr gut. € 24,00 (Alfons) — 2 days ago

Peter Michael Winery

'Mon Plaisir' Chardonnay 2016

Shay A

Got to pop some special bottles when my good friend Shawn came in to town!

My second bottle to pop of the evening. In my experience with PM, this seems to be the most elegant/finesse bottle I’ve had. Of guessing blind, I think I would have gone to burgundy. And it has sub 14 ABV! I always assume PM is ripe, rich and full bodied but this was restrained. On the nose it was very tropical showing stone fruits, mango, sugar crusted guava and ginger shavings. Reminiscent of Aubert’s Larry Hyde & Sons Chardonnay on the palate as the acidity is really energetic. Crushed limestone, powdered lemon bar and a cotton candy like sweetness toward the finish. No problem popping these now.
— 7 days ago

Shawn R
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Michael Gindl

Buteo-12 Grüner Veltliner 2015

Really interesting gruner from what appears to be the best wine bar in Uppsala. — a month ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
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Michael Shaps

Wild Meadow Vineyard Chardonnay

Amy l

Lovely, minerally Chardonnay. Who knew VA could do this?! We had it with a Spanish fish stew with a touch of Harissa, and it was perfect. Purchased at Cork and Fork in Logan Circle. — 22 days ago

Damon Taaffe
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Ron from VA

Ron from VA

Hi Amy, I am a collector of Michael’s older (an newer) work. I also gather anything made from Williams Gap fruit. My question: did you just recently buy this or has someone been cellaring it since finding at Cork&Fork?

Michael David Winery (Michael & David Phillips)

Freakshow Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Trying out my new Zalto Bordeaux glasses with Cali cab. This wine is easy peasy. It will not challenge you but sometimes that’s okay. Very ripe tannins and purpley fruit and there is a whiff of pepper to give a little edge. I have a feeling this may be a highly engineered act but I guess that’s why it’s a Freakshow. — 10 days ago

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Congratulations on you test success!🌟
Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

The blend Freakshow is better than the Cabernet Freakshow, so at least you picked the right one. The Freakshow Zin isn’t bad either.
The Earthquake series is a step up though for only a few dollars more
Ellen Clifford

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@Paul T- Huntington Beach haven’t tried the other ones! But perhaps I shall...


Michael Mara Vineyard Chardonnay 2014

Nice just wanted something a bit more tonight. Better for a summer day. — a month ago

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